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Treatment of impotency by Chinese medicine



Introduction here is mostly about the treatment of male sexual disorders, such as impotency, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, lower number and lower quality of sperm, by the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). We normally use Chinese herbal therapy and/or acupuncture treatment to solve these problems.


Treatment of impotency


There are good way by the conventional medicine to treat the impotency. It is the well-known Viagra. People who have used the Viagra know well that the Viagra works when you use it, and if you stop to use it, the impotency is still there. Apparently it does not really solve the disorder of impotency, though it is better than nothing can be done.

Chinese medicine is one of the powerful alternative remedies to solve the impotency. However it needs the TCM diagnosis for each person with impotency. It does not mean that every person with impotency can take the same herbs for the treatment.


  If the person is weak in physical condition, easy to feel tired and has desire to lie down for nap, fears cold, and if his pulse feels deep and weak, we use Ma Huang Fu Zi Xi Xing Tang. To the formula, add large dose of herb Yin Yang Huo.


If the person feels cold in hands and feet, but likes to drink cold water (by sip only), has discomfort in stomach from time to time, even has constipation or acne, we use Si Ni San, Mei He Si Ni San or Gui  Qi Si Ni San.


If the impotency happened after the person felt scared when he had sex or masturbation, or after being complained, laughed at by sexual partner before, and  he felt nervous and worry failed whenever he has sex again now,  we use Chai Hu Long Gu Mu Li Tang. The person who needs the Chai Hu Long Gu Mu Li Tang usually feels pressure or tightness on the chest, easy to feel anxiety or scared, worries too much and for too many things, tends to have doubt to everything, feels hard to accept things the he or she cannot understand. Such person tends to have alopecia areata (spot of baldness).


If the person has impotency, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, fails to meet his sexual desire, sour and weak on the lower back or on the knees, cold feeling on the penis, use herbal formula Gui Zhi Long Gu Mu Li Tang or Tian Xiong San. This group of patient usually is slim, easy to have sweat, inner personality, hard and shy to express feelings, has secret loves and masturbation. They also tend to have hair loss (on the head, eyebrow or pubic hair). To this formula, add large dose of herb Gou Qi Zi.  


If the person is with obesity, easy to have short of breath and sweat, use herbal formula Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang plus herb Hong Shen.

体内湿热重的人,面黄黑,舌红,唇外红里面乌黑,口臭,齿痛,大便不通,体味重,背部多有痤疮,脚汗多而臭,会阴部潮湿,脂溢性脱发,甚至有 “被窝寒”,即三伏天畏寒,多眠睡,鼾声大。用越婢加术汤加减。又如苍术白虎汤,二妙丸(黄柏苍术),三仁汤,防风通圣散等治疗。

Some person is a wet-hot body constitution. Their face looks yellow-red, tongue is fresh red, mouth lip is red outside but dark inside, strong odor from mouth, pain in the teeth, constipation, heavy body odor, more acne on the back, more strong odor and sweet from feet, wet in the pubic area, hair loss (with more oily in the hair), even with chilly feeling in summer season, tends to lie down, to have heavy snooze. For such person, use Yue Bi Jia Zhu Tang, or Cang Zhu Bai Hu Tang, or Er Miao Wan, San Ren Tang, or Fang Feng Tong Shen San.


If the person is old age, more than 55 years of old, feels sour and weak on the lower back and on the knee, soft and weak in the lower abdomen, and if the urine is slow and difficult or is with prostate enlargement, dislikes cold, has hair loss (evenly distributed loss and dry hair), use herbal formula Jin Kui Shen Qi Wan. If such person has swelling around ankles or in eye lids, use herbal formula Zhen Wu Tang.  


If it is really difficult to make a TCM diagnosis, try the herbal formula Jiang Xiong Jian, the ingredients of which are:

海螵蛸 30 克,龙骨 30 克,牡蛎 30 克,丁香 5 克,鹿角霜 15 克,阳起石 15 克,牛膝 10 克,韭菜籽 10 克,硫磺(粉)1 克。

Hai Piao Xiao 30 grams, Long Gu 30 g, Mu Li 30 g, Ding Xiang 5 g, Lu Jiao Shuang 15 g, Yang Qi Shi 15 g, Niu Xi 10 g, Jiu Chai Seed 10 g, and Liu Huang powder 1 g. 

中医治疗阳痿效果很好,但是却不是象治疗腰痛那样治疗一次两次就会有明显改善。治疗阳痿需要时间,一般需要一到两个月。需要坚持服药。服药同时需要停止性活动和性刺激,不看色情影视节目。一般来说治疗年轻人需要的时间短一些,而治疗年长的人需要的时间长,毕竟随着年龄的增长,性功能下降是自然规律,希望七十岁的人的性欲还和二十岁的人那样有力几乎是不可能的。所以对于年长的人,治疗的期望值不能过高。单独草药治疗的费用大约为每个月 $ 500.

Generally speaking, the healing effects of the Traditional Chinese medicine is pretty good. However, it takes time. You cannot expect it works as quick as a Viagra. It needs about one to two months of the continuous herbal therapy. During the herbal therapy, it is important to stop any sexual activities, including the sexual stimulation from TV, film or any reading material.

Usually, it takes short time for young people but longer for elderly. It is a nature law that with the age, the sexual ability would be reduced. Therefore, for older person, you should not expect fast improvement as a younger person.

The overall cost for the herbal therapy alone is about $ 500 per month.   

除了草药内服治疗阳痿,也可以将一些具有治疗作用的草药或调料敷脐治疗阳痿。比如说将小茴香和炮姜粉末敷脐。方法是用 小茴香 5 克,炮姜 5 克,食盐少许。研细末。加少许人乳(或蜂蜜,或鸡血)调成糊状。敷于肚脐中,胶布固定。一般57天去掉。连续用一个月。

The herbs can be cooked as herbal decoction to drink and let the herbs work inside of the body. Herbs can also be applied externally on to the naval. For example, we can prepare the powder form of fennel and dry ginger (equal amount, mixed with little cooking salt, and little breast milk, or honey). Make the mixture into paste form and apply it on to the naval. Seal it with medial tape and keep it for 5 to 7 days. Repeat the procedure for one month.

也可以用针灸治疗阳痿,一般常用的穴位是阴交,气海,关元,肾俞,肝俞,内关,神门,三阴交,太冲,太溪等。针灸需要每两天一次,一般需要一到两个月的治疗。单独针灸治疗的费用是每个月 $ 700.

Acupuncture is also used for the treatment of male sexual disorders. The commonly used acupuncture spots are Yin Jiao, Guan Yuan, Shen Shu, Gan Shu, Nei Guan, Shen Men, San Yin Jiao, Tai Chong, Tai Xi and so on. Acupuncture needs to be performed once every two to three days (better to have it every day). It also needs two to three months. The cost for the acupuncture alone is $ 87 each time, or about $ 700 per month.


If the person scares the acupuncture needle and dislikes the bitter taste of the herbal decoction, he an also try the moxibustion therapy. It is to burn a pile of a kind of herb, put onto the acupuncture points (not touch), so as to stimulate the acupuncture points by the warm. It is a good choice too.

如果连艾灸也没有时间,那么不妨用食疗试一试。可用清炒虾仁治疗阳痿。方法是取虾仁 250 克,鸡蛋清一个,淀粉 5 克,盐少许,白汤 30 毫升,熟猪油 适量。

If you really have no time even for the moxibustion, you can eat some special diet for to improve the sexual ability. It is to prepare 250 grams of shrimp, one chicken egg white, 5 grams of starch and little amount of cooking salt, and 30 ml of cooking soup and some amount of pig oil.

将虾仁(去皮壳),鸡蛋清,淀粉和匀。用熟猪油烧热锅,倒入和好的虾仁糊,用筷子搅散虾仁成粒,倒入漏勺沥去油。炒锅置旺火上,油 10 毫升烧热,倒入虾仁,再加黄酒,白汤,味精,煮沸勾芡,翻炒,撒上胡椒面即可。

Mix the shrimp, egg white, starch well. Bring a pot to hot, add pig oil to warm, add the shrimp mixture in to fry, stir lose the shrimp, pour it in a leaking spoon to remove extra oil. Bring another pot on fire, add vegetable oil 10 ml to warm, add the shrimp in again to fry, add cooking wine, the white soup, gourmet powder. Cook to boiling, add some pepper powder. It is ready to eat. Note, the amount of shrimp should be a large amount. Little amount of shrimp do nothing to you.

The way to treat the premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, low number and low quality of sperm is the same as to treat the impotency.