Irritable Urine Bladder Syndrome - Acupuncture can help

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Treatment of frequent urination, urgent and pain urination and enuresis

by Traditional Chinese Medicine



Many people have had an experience of various levels of frequent urination, urgent urination, and pain during urination, especially in women. The real reasons for such irritable bladder syndrome could be due to the urine tract, urine bladder, kidney; to uterus, vagina, ovary or to the any disease in the pelvic cavity. It can also be due to the press from enlarged uterus during a pregnancy. For elderly women, it can also be simply a urine leakage. In male, the most reasons for the irritable urine bladder syndrome could be due to improper and too frequent sex activity or to enlarged prostate, or prostatitis.

中医治疗这类疾病效果很好,一般用草药或针灸治疗。当然,将草药和针灸同时应用则起效更快,效果更好。 但是也如同中医治疗其它任何疾病一样,不同的病人病情不同,病因不同,治疗的方法也就很不同。

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) works very well for the release of such irritable bladder syndrome. We normally use either Chinese herbal therapy, or acupuncture, or both the same time. However, Chinese medicine doctor needs to make a Chinese medicine diagnosis for each patient, so as to decide the proper her bal formula to use and proper way of acupuncture to apply. It does not mean that every person with an irritable urine bladder syndrome would get the same herbal tea or same way of acupuncture for the treatment. Chinese medicine works according to the TCM diagnosis, not to the conventional medicine diagnosis.


To make the TCM diagnosis, we pay more attention to if the irritable urine bladder syndrome is an acute problem or a chronic problem; to if the person have only the irritable bladder syndrome as the only symptoms or the syndrome is a part of a whole body symptoms.


If the irritable bladder syndrome is due to an acute cystitis, and if the patient has even blood in urine, we normally use herbal formula Ba Zheng San, or Xiao Ji Yin Zi, or Liu Yi San, or Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang.


If the patient has frequent urine, urgent urine, bloating feeling in the lower stomach area after urination, and if the person usually feels tired very easily, or has hot feeling in the body but likes to drink warm water, we use Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang.


If the person with the irritable bladder syndrome has also apparent dry in mouth and throat, feels very thirsty, we may use herbal formula Wu Ling San, Zhu Ling Tang, or Ba Zheng Sang. We need further more distinguishing diagnosis to make more specific choice for these herbal formula.


If at the same time the patient has also reduced sex desire or sexual ability, has impotency, premature ejaculation, or nocturnal emission, feels easy to have tired, loss of hair, lower spirit, we use Gui Zhi Long Gu Mu Li Tang. If such patient has had previous history of scared, and is easy to feel scared especially upon sexual activity, feels pressure and tightness on the chest, short of breath, heavy feeling in the body, we use Chai Hu Long Gu Mu Li Tang.   


If people has such irritable bladder syndrome, and also anxiety, irritability, stress, frustrated, poor sleep, hot feeling in the urine, we may use Qing Xin Lian Zi Yin, Si Ni San, Mei He Si Ni San, or Gui Qi Si Ni San. If the person feels more cold and tired, we may use Si Ni San Sheng San.


If the patient’s face is red in color, feels hot in the face and bloating feeling in the lower stomach, he or she might need the treatment by herbal formula Wu Ji San. If patient feels cold in the body, dry in mouth lips, dry and hot in the hands and feet, we may need to use Wen Jing Tang.

如果仅仅是尿频,尿急, 而更明显的是尿失禁,我们或用金匮肾气丸,或用栝楼瞿麦丸,黄芪桂枝五物汤加升麻。

If the problem is mostly a urine leakage, we use Jin Kui Shen Qi Wan, or Gua Lu Ju Mai Wan, or Huang Qi Gui Zhi Wu Wo Tang plus herb Sheng Ma.


If the problem is mostly the pain in the urine tract or vagina, we use Gan Cao Xie Xin Tang or Shao Yao Gan Cao Tang.


The herbal formula above are the basic formula we normally use for the treatment of irritable urine bladder syndrome. If the reason already known is stone, add herb Hu Po in these formula; if there is bleeding in the urine, add Qian Cao; if the urine is harsh, no-smooth, add Hua Shi. 


This is information only, for which herbal formula we may consider to use. For each given patient, our TCM doctor need to know more detail about the history of the irritable bladder syndrome, the feeling of the patient for his/her diet, sleeping, hot or cold feeling in the body, emotion, sexual ability, etc. By this way, the TCM doctor would be able to decide more specific herbal formula to use.  

应该知道,有些病人的膀胱刺激症状是由于多次腹腔手术损伤,或膀胱手术损伤后形成的疤痕组织, 或长期的子宫内膜异位症形成的疤痕组织的牵拉所导致。这些情况下,中医也很难有好办法。所以,中医也不是万能的。要避免这种情况,就需要在选择西医手术治疗某些疾病的时候多考虑可能的手术后遗症,不要压下葫芦飘起瓢,手术治好一种病却导致另外一种难以解决的疾病这是常见的医源性疾病的原因之一。

It should know that, the irritable bladder syndrome of some patients is due to the scar tissue that is again due to a surgical operation in the abdomen, in urine bladder, or due to a chronic endometriosis. In such case, it is also hard for Chinese medicine to solve the syndrome. To avoid such consequence, we need to consider carefully whenever the conventional medicine suggests a surgical operation, especially a repeated surgical operation to a patient. We should not solve the current problem but create a new problem that is more difficult to be solved later.


Many time, people will drink more, even much more, water with the hope to let the more water drink to produce more urine to clean the urine tract. If you have tried so, you in deed had more urine, but the irritable bladder syndrome remains no change, it means this way does not work. You should stop to do so and remember to tell your TCM doctor (no use to tell your conventional medicine doctor). It means that your problem is not caused by less drink of water, but because the water distribution in not even in the body. Your TCM doctors know how to solve it.


People with the irritable urine bladder syndrome should definitely have a break from heavy labor or mental work, and from any more sexual activity. If you feel thirsty, you should drink, if you do not feel thirsty, you should not push yourself to drink more water. Extra water may cause new trouble inside the body. Nothing should be too much or too less in the body, including vitamins, minerals, water and oxygen.  


Beside the herbal therapy, we normally also use acupuncture the same time for our clients in our clinic. By this way, it starts to work much faster and much better to solve the irritable bladder syndrome.


 The commonly used acupuncture points are Yin Jiao, Qi Hai, Guan Yuan, Da Zhui, Pang Guang Shu, Shen Shu, Tai Xi, Zhao Hai, San Yin Jiao, Yin ling Quan, etc. Acupuncture needs to be down once every day or once every two days, depending on the severity of the problem. Each acupuncturist may choose different acupuncture points or use different way to manipulate the needles, but, generally speaking, acupuncture works. In most cases, acupuncture needs one to two months. Some people may think that this is too long time for the treatment and may cost some amount of money. If you give one to two months for your conventional medicine to try and if it does not work, would you accept the idea of one to two months given to the acupuncturists to try?

对于长期的,慢性的膀胱刺激症, 如果病人体弱怕冷, 小腹不适, 我们也会用艾灸疗法.艾灸就是将草药点燃, 用点燃后的温热刺激针灸穴位. 艾灸分直接灸和间接灸两大类. 直接灸就是在皮肤上放上一片生姜或切薄大蒜片, 再放上艾炷, 点燃, 让热直接穿过姜片或蒜片接触皮肤. 间接灸就是将一根长长的艾条点燃, 对准穴位烤, 但艾炷不接触皮肤. 艾灸对于虚寒性的疾病疗效很好.

For long term and chronic irritable bladder syndrome, and if the patient feel cold in the lower abdomen, and the body constitution is weak, we also use moxibustion therapy. It is to burn a pile or a column of herbal leaves (make as cotton like). Allow the warm from the burning herbs to stimulate the acupuncture for healing. Moxibusion can be direct or indirect moxibustion. Direct moxibustion means to put a thin layer of ginger or garlic on to the skin first, then put a pyramid-shaped herb cotton on the ginger or garlic. Burn the herb pile. Indirect moxibustion means to burn a long roll of herb cotton. Allow the warm from the burning roll towards the acupuncture point. The burning herbal roll does not touch the skin. Moxibustion works well for weak-cold condition.