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Quit Smoking


Start the quit smoking program today and succeed from today


You may have tried various ways to quit smoking but have experience that it is, in most cases, hard. This not only means it is hard to stop the smoking, but also for many people, it is easy to start smoking again.

Now you can try the Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

In the TCM, smoking is regarded as a way to solve emotional stress. If not smoking, people may choose to eat cake, chocolate; drink alcohol; to abuse sexual activity; drugs…  If you ask your friends how they choose to release their stress when they are frustrated, you may find that there are various ways. Some methods used  to escape  stress could be by crying, laughing, absorbing themselves into reading, by traveling, finding a friend..... All in all, it means that smoking, is just another means to relieve emotional stress, either consciously or unconsciously.  

Therefore, to successfully quit smoking, we must work on the emotional level.

TCM, uses acupuncture and herbal therapy for quitting smoking. They work by the following mechanisms:

(1). Calm down the stress. There is no doubt that the Chinese medicine works well for emotional disorders. It works for stress, anxiety, depression, sadness, madness, dementia. It also works to activate the desire for life in those who have lost this desire. Also, it calms down the emotional and physical activity in children with ADHD.   

Therefore in people who smoke, the TCM therapies work to make them feel more calm and less stressed.

(2). Reduce the inflammation in the respiratory system. 

After a long time of smoking, the inner membrane of the respiratory system (your pharyngeal, laryngeal tract and branch) becomes thick due to inflammation and swelling. You become less sensitive to  cigarette smoke. So, you do not feel the discomfort you may have felt when you started smoking.

TCM reduces the swelling of the inner membrane of the respiratory system, reduces its inflammation, so restores the sensitivity to the smoke. Therefore, along with the reduction of the smoking, your previous symptoms, such as cough, phlegm, shortness of breath, sour throat, dry mouth, poor sleep, bad  breath… will all be corrected. It is a healing process, not only a life style change.

Recommendation in the quit smoking program:

(1). Have acupuncture treatment at least once every two days. If you can have it every day, it works much better. This is very important for the first week. This is similar to starting a heavy truck. To start the truck we need to give more gas. Once it moves, we only need to give it a little gas to keep it moving.

The acupuncture points we are using are the ones on the middle back of the neck, the ones between the nipples, the one just under your xiphoid bone and some are on the back of the hands.

The typical acupuncture therapy means to insert a thin needle on the acupuncture points on the skin. There is another way to obtain a similar effect. It is to press the acupuncture points on your ears. We can press them by hand squeezing, or by pressing some beads, such as herb seeds, on the ear acupuncture points. This therapy is called ear acupuncture therapy,




or, more professionally, auricular acupuncture therapy.  In many cases, the effects of the ear acupuncture therapy is  excellent since the ear is one of the few places in our body remaining sensitive to  physical stimulation. Our hands and feet may not be as sensitive to such fine stimulation. This is especially useful for those who may feel it difficult to have regular acupuncture treatment.
To use the ear acupuncture therapy, we stick on some herbal seeds on the acupuncture points on the ears.  You can use any kind of similar beads, if they are round and smooth on surface. You need to keep them on for five days. You can still  bathe or shower. The seeds will not fall off. Five days later, you remove them. Some people are sensitive to the stimulation. If you feel too much pain or itch from the seeds, you can remove them at any time.
(2). We will also give you a kind of herbal oil for smell, not to be taken orally. The oil works to reduce your desire to smoke. You smell it three times a day, 10 minutes each time. You can also smear the oil on the cigarette, vertically, in a thin line. So, you can smell the oil whenever you smoke.
(3). Additional choice is to take the Stop Smoking Tea. It is a mixture of several herbs. You drink it one pouch in the morning and one in the afternoon, as ordinary green tea. It works to calm your emotion.
How good is the quit smoking program:
The combination of these therapies makes the quit smoking program very successful.
In our experience, the success of the stop smoking program does not depend on the history of the smoking, the length of the smoking, the amount of  cigarettes you smoke every day, or  whether or not you want to quit. Of course, if you want to quit, it will work much better. This is similar to feeling nausea, we will feel it no matter we want or not.
The success rate can be as little as one acupuncture treatment, together with the herbal therapy for less than three days. For most cases, it needs 5 to 10 treatments to completely stop smoking from more than 20 cigarettes a day. Overall in our hands, the success rate can be as high as more than 90%.
The figure below shows the efficiency of the TCM treatment under standard treatment program: