Sport Injury - Acupuncture can help

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TCM treatment of Sport Injury


Treatment of injury due to sport is the same as the injury during physical works. The common problem is sour or pain on the neck, elbow, lower back, knee or ankles. To start treatment with the Traditional Chinese Medicine, I have to remind you do things first:

(1). Stop to use ice patch.

We also use ice patch for sport injury, but it is used mostly only when the injury just happens, to prevent the swelling. It is only used for short time, say, less than half hour. Longer time use of ice patch will only make the soft tissue damage worse, due to less blood supply to the damaged tissues. So, if you are still using it to reduce pain, stop it now.

(2). Stop any more physical movement on the damaged part of the body.

Further movement on the damaged part of the body will only make the damage worse. What you should do is to give the damaged tissue time to relax and to repair. Start physical movement if you do not feel severe pain or swelling on the damaged part, or if you have been kept on bed for some long time due to broken bone; or if you feel tightness or numb mostly in the damaged part. In fact, with TCM surgical treatment (TCM has also surgery therapy), the date to start physical exercise is much earlier than with conventional medicine.  

(3). Smear herbal oil or herbal patch on the skin, if the skin is not broken.

You should keep some herbal oil, or herbal patch in hands, if you have strong physical exercise quite often. The herbal oil or herbal patch works to reduce swelling and promote tissue repair.

Now let’s get know what we do with the Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment for your damage.

(1). Acupuncture. Acupuncture is excellent for sport injury, in terms of reducing pain, swelling, and speeding up the healing.

(2). Chinese herbal therapy. In the damaged tissue, there is usually broken blood vessels and the stagnation of blood, which again press the blood vessel that supplies blood to the damaged tissue. Herbs work to clear the accumulated, dead blood, stimulate tissue repair, etc.,  therefore it is also used commonly in the TCM treatment.

In our experience, the healing result is excellent with the TCM therapies. People usually are able to feel difference after the first treatment. Long term of cure rate is much depending on if people can stop the further damage again. Previous damaged tissue tends to be damaged easier later.