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Folk therapy for corn


There are many folk tips for the treatment of corn. Many times they wok much better than a typical Chinese medical treatment. You can try one of them each time.

(1). Celery

Material: Celery leaves, some.

How to use: press the celery leaves into mud. Smear it on the corn until the leave mud turns dry. Repeat it three to four times a day. It needs about one week to cure. You can also apply the celery leave mud to the corn, fold with gauze and medical tape and keep it overnight, repeat every night.

(2). Tiger balm

How to use: wash feet with hot water for 20 to 30 min until the feet skin turns red in color. Smear tiger balm on to the corn. Warm the balm with burning cigarette or moxibustion roll (you can get it from us), to improve the balm penetrate into the corn. Repeat every day, one to three times a day.

(3). Green onion

Material: Chinese green onion, one stem. Cut the onion into slice (against the side of roots), about 2 mm thick.

How to use: Wash feet with hot water. Apply the onion slice onto the corn. Fix with medical tape. Repeat new one every day.

(4). Chinese chives

Material: Chinese chives, some. Wash the chives with water, cut it into mud.

How to use: apply the chives mud onto the corn. Fold with medical tapes. It needs about 10 day to work. You can also apply a slice of fresh ginger over and on the top of the chive mud.

(5). Ban-xia

Material: Ban-xia (a kind of Chinese herbs, you can get it from us), little. Make it into powder.

How to use: Wash feet, scratch the upper layer of the corn. Apply the herb powder on to the corn. Fix with medical tapes. It needs about five days to work.