Eye bag - Acupuncture can help

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Eye bag


If you have eye bag, you can try either of the following folk tips:

(1). Tea bag

How to do: Prepare a cup of tea (green tea, or tea bag) with warm water first. Mix the tea and wait for 10 min until the tea is ready to drink but do not drink it. Cool the tea in refrigerator for 15 min. Add a cotton ball in the tea, take it out, squeeze little bit to remove extra tea, put it on the eye bag. Do it before going to bed. If you use tea bag, just put the wet tea bag onto the eye bag.

(2). Massage

How to do: Massage the middle of eye bag with little bit pressure with your ring finger ten times. Do it every night before going to bed.

(3). Cucumber

How to do: Cut cucumber into pieces. Put it on the eye bag for 10 to 20 min. Repeat every day for some days.

(4). Papaya (Mu Gua) and menthol (Bo he)

How to prepare: Cut papaya into pieces. Add the papaya and menthol leaves (or powder) into hot water for 10 to 15 min. Add a cotton ball in the mixture, take it out, wait until it turns to cool, squeeze to remove extra water, apply onto the eye bag for 20 min.

(5). Massage acupuncture points

Massage Zusanli, Taibai, Gongsong, and Fenglong points. Massage these points with your finger until you could feel some kind of sour on the points. Do it everyday for some days.

If none of the folk tips work for you, you may have to come to a TCM doctor for professional treatment. Eye bag is usually a local sign of a whole-body problem. Normally, we believe that the eye bag is the result of Spleen deficiency, Kidney deficiency or both. We need assessment for each patient to make our TCM diagnosis. Basically, western medicine has no way to help for eye bag. Diuretics used to deplete water from your body doesn’t work.

To prevent eye bag, you should not drink more water at night, and should have nice sleep, keep nice emotion.