Hair loss - Acupuncture can help

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Hair loss


If you have hair loss, you can try the following folk tips:

(1). To grow hair:

(1a). Hair ash and sesame oil.

You can collect bulk of hair. Burn it in any way into ash. Mix it with sesame oil into a paste. Smear the paste on the head. Your hair will grow soon.

(1b). Flax oil (Hu Ma oil)

Smear flax oil onto the head. It improves hair grow.

(1c). Cortex Mori (Sang Bai Pi)

Material: Cortex Mori, 120g. Cook in water for 60 min. Collect the extracts. Wash head with the extracts. You can have the herb in our office.

Function: Improve the hair grow and prevent hair falling.

(1d). Fresh ginger

Material: fresh ginger.

How to use: Cut the ginger into pieces. Wash head and rub the head skin with the ginger pieces.

(1e). Fresh Cacumen Platycladi (cypress, Bai Yun film, or Boye)

How to use: Add the cypress into 60% alcohol for seven days. Smear head skin with the alcohol extract. Three times a day.

(1f). Black sesame, Mulberry leaves (San Ye)

Material: Black sesame, 500g; Dried mulberry leaves, 60g; honey, some.

How to use: Grind the black sesame and the mulberry leaves into powder. Mix it with honey to make pills as a size as about 5 mm in diameter. Eat the pill, one in the morning and another in the evening.

(1g). If you have hair loss following a severe disease, such as after chemotherapy for a cancer.

Collect warm chicken blood. Smear it on your head when it is warm. I know that it might be difficult to have a chicken blood if you are living in North America. This is only information.

(2). To prevent loss of hair

Add some salt and vinegar during hair washing.

(3). To turn white hair into black

For young boy who have early white hair, can drink He Shou Wu (Polygonum multiflorum) tea. 

If there is only several white hairs, you can pull it out, then smear the hair hole with fresh ginger, or with honey, or pig gallbladder juice. This tip does not work for old people.

For people with frequent loss of hair, can try to comb hair more times a day, tap the head with half-soft material, or (for us professionals), tap with flower needle. It stimulates blood circulation on the head to nourish the hair.

If none of above tips work, you have to come to your TCM doctor. They should be able to help you with Chinese herbal therapy or with acupuncture.