Mouth ulcer - Chinese medicine can help

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Mouth ulcer


If you have mouth ulcer, you can try either of the following folk tips. Unfortunately, unlike the folk tips for most of other illnesses, most of folk tips for mouth ulcer need typical herbs as its ingredient. If you cannot get one, you can call us and you may get it from our office.

(1). Fresh sheep milk

How to use: Fresh sheep milk, 100 ml. Drink twice a day. Fifty ml each time.

This tip is especially for multiple mouth ulcer in mouth in baby.

(2). Fresh pomegranate (Shiliu)

How to use: Fresh pomegranate, several. Remove the seeds, grind the remaining part. Add little bit boiled water. Mix it, filter to collect the juice. Drink the juice and hold in mouth for movement, then swallow little bit after little bit. Repeat more than ten times a day.

(3). Chinese gall (Wu bei zi) and alum (Bai fan)

How to use: Take equal amount of Chinese gall and alum (both are powder form). Mix it well, smear on to the affected mucus of the mouth.

Or you can use a mixture of Chinese gall (10 g) with Borneol (1.5 g) (Bing Pian);

Or you can try a mixture of Chinese gall (3g) and white sugar (3 g);

Or you may try a mixture of Ji Nei Jing (the membrane of chicken’s gizzard) (10g) and Borneol (0.3 g); You can also use the Ji Nei Jing alone, but burn it into ash before smear onto the ulcer.

Or you may use mixture Cattail pollen (Pu Huang) and dried ginger powder (1:1).

(4). Huang Liang and dried ginger powder (Gan jiang)

How to use: Take Huang Liang (60 g) and dried ginger (30g) (both are powder form). Mix it well, smear on to the affected mucus of the mouth.

(5). Huang liang and Xi xing (to naval)

How to use: Mix equal amount of Huang Liang and Xi xing with vinegar, make it into paste. Add the paste onto the naval, seal with medical tapes.

(6). Honey and boric acid (Pen suan)

How to use: Take honey (15 g) and boric acid (30 g). Mix well. Rinse the mouth (not swallow) with the mixture several times per day.

(7). Huang Bo powder

How to use: Huang Bo (the bark of cork tree) 3g. Grind into powder, mix it with vegetable oil. Smear the oil onto the ulcer.

Or you can mix Huang Bo powder (3g), Shi Gao (3g) and borneol (0.3g) with vegetable oil. Smear the mixture onto the mouth ulcer.

(8). Wu Zhu Yu (Rutaecarpa) (applying onto sole)

How to use: Prepare Wu Zhu Yu into powder. Mix it with vinegar to make paste. Smear the paste onto the center of the sole. Cover and seal with medicine tapes. Keep for 2 days.