Nausea during pregnancy - Acupuncture can help

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Nausea during pregnancy


If you have nausea or vomiting during the early stage of pregnancy, you can try the following folk tips, before going to your doctor for “professional” treatment:

(1). Rice soup

Material: Rice, 30g.

How to use: Add the rice into water, bring to boiling for cook for about 40 min, till it is editable. Drink the soup 4 to 5 times a day. During this time, do not take any cold or hard food. This is one of the tips for release nausea during pregnancy.

(2). Fresh ginger and fresh sugar cane juice

Material: One cup of fresh ginger juice and one cup of fresh sugar cane juice.

How to use: Mix the juices together. Warm it little bit and drink it.

It is used for nausea during pregnancy or for car sick.

(3). Chinese chive and ginger

Material: Chinese chive, 200g; Ginger, 200g. White sugar, some.

How to use: Chop the Chinese chives and ginger into small pieces, then grind into juice. Add little sugar into the juice and drink.

(4). Turnip seeds, ginger and orange skin

Material: Turnip seeds, 15g; Fresh ginger, 15g; orange skin, 15g.

How to use: Add the above material into 500 ml water, bring to boil for 30 min. Drink the extract.

(5). Olive (Gan lan)

Material: Olive, some amount.

How to use: Break olive into small pieces, add it into water, bring to boil for 30 to 45 min. Drink the soup.  It is used for nausea or cough during pregnancy.

(6). Ginger and cow’s milk

Material: Ginger juice, 10 ml; Fresh cow’s milk (whole milk!), 200ml; white sugar, 20g.

How to use: Mix all the material, bring to boil for 5 min. Drink half in the morning and half in the evening.

(7). Green bean and rice soup

Material: Green bean, 10g; rice (Japonica), 100g.

How to use: Rinse the green bean in water for 2 hours. Add the bean and rice into 2000 ml of water. Bring the mixture to boil for one hour to cook as for a soup until the rice and the bean editable. Eat the soup two to three times a day.

(8). Egg, white sugar and vinegar

Material: White sugar, 30g; vinegar, 60ml; chicken egg, one.

How to use: Bring the vinegar to boil. Add the white sugar to melt. Then break the egg and add in the vinegar. Wait for one to two min until the egg is half editable. Eat the egg only. Repeat twice a day.