Swelling during pregnancy - Acupuncture can help

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Swelling during pregnancy


If you have swelling during the early stage of pregnancy, you can try the following folk tips, before going to your doctor for “professional” treatment:

(1). Lei fish

Material Lei fish (or carp), 400g;  Chi xiao dou (Small red bean), 200g; Chenpi (old and dried orange skin), 10g; garlic, one.

How to use: Clean the fish, remove its inside organs and out scale. Add the fish, the red bean, the garlic and the Chen pi into 1000 ml water. Bring to boil until the fish is editable. Eat the fish and drink the soup.

Function: used for pregnancy women with swelling in legs, feet.

(2). Wax gourd

Material: Wax gourd juice, one cup; honey, one cup.

How to use: Mix the wax gourd juice with the honey. Drink it from time to time.

Function: speed up urinate and reduce swelling.

(3). Pork and sunflower seeds

Material: Port (without fat tissue), 150g; sunflower seeds, 25g.

How to use: Cut the port into small and thin pieces, cook with the sunflower seeds until the port is editable.

Function: for pregnancy women with difficulty in urine, or too frequent urine.

(4). Pepper, salt, Chinese onion

Material: Pepper, 10g; salt, 15g; Chinese onion, 3 stems.

How to use: Dry fry the pepper, salt. Chop the Chinese onion. Mix all three together. Fold in a gauze bag. Put over the naval.