Urinary retention- Acupuncture can help

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Urinary retention


If you have acute urinary retention, you can try either of the following folk tips, though most of time, a professional help is needed to solve this problem.


(1). Salt and Chinese onion

Material: Salt, 500g; Chinese onion, 250g.

How to use: Cut the Chinese onion into small pieces. Add the onion and salt in cooking pot. Bring to warm. Collect the mixture into a cloth bag. Put onto the naval (make sure it is not too hot). After it turns cold, replace it after warm it up again. Repeat for two to three times or until the urine comes out.

This folk tip works for acute urinary retention due to various reasons, especially after stomach or pelvic surgery.

(2).Garlic, Zhizi and salt

Material: Garlic, one; Zhizi (a kind of Chinese herbs), seven; salt powder, little.

How to use: Mix all material, grind into mud. Apply onto the naval. Fold with gauze.

(3). Ginger

How to use: Cut fresh ginger into pieces. Grind into mud. Apply into naval. Fold with gauze or medical taps.

(4). Honey and Yuan Ming Fen

Material: Honey, 30g; Yuan Ming Fen (Sodium), 15g.

How to use: Mix the sodium and the honey. Drink.

(5). Chinese onion

How to use: Squeeze the Chinese onion to collect juice. Smear the juice to the around area of urethra opening.  

(6). Massage

Massage the acupuncture point, Qi Hai and Guan Yuan beneath naval (see figures). Massage with the pressure that can be tolerated by the person affected. If the urinary retention is due to surgery on the lower stomach, you can massage acupuncture points on the legs, the point of San Yin Jiao and Zhao Hai (see figures).

(7). Moxibustion

How to use: Take two stems of Chinese onion and little salt. Grind the onion into mud. Apply the sale first to the naval, followed by the onion mud. Add moxibustion over the onion mud. Burn the moxi. Keep until the person feels much warm from the naval. Take the moxi away. Wait little bit and burn a new moxi again. You can also use pieces of fresh ginger instead of the onion and salt. Make holes on the pieces of ginger.

(8). Palm pulp

How to do: Use your palm to beat the naval of the person affected. Pulp gently for 15 min, with the pressure that the person can tolerate.