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If you have wart, you can try either of the following folk tips:


(1). Garlic

Material: Garlic, some

How to use: Cut garlic into small pieces. Rub the wart with the garlic. Do it everyday for 10 days.

(2). Gouji and white wine

Material: Goujizi, some; liquor, some volume.

How to use: Add Goujizi into the liquor. Keep for months. Smear the liquor onto the wart, several times a day. It needs several weeks to work.

(3). Mantis (Tanglong)

How to use: Get a mantis. Hold its neck and let its mouth towards the wart. It will eat the wart. Let it eat until the wart almost disappears.  There could be little bleeding. Don’t worry. Clear the wound with clear salt-water, then fold with medicine tape.

(4). Bee glue

Material:  Bee glue, choose the original, natural, not processed glue.

How to use: Make the glue into paste. Put on the wart. Keep for several days.

(5). Banana skin

How to use: Put the inside of the banana skin onto the wart. Fold with gauze overnight. Repeat everyday for two weeks at least.

(6). Silk

How to use: Clear the wart and its surrounding area. Tie the wart with a silk (or other strong string) to stop the blood supply to the wart. Do not tie too tight. If the wart is too big, repeat once more after 3 to 4 days. Small wart could fall after 4 to 5 days, and a bigger one could fall after one week. Some people reported to use spider silk net.

(7). Fresh sesame flower

How to use: Smear the wart with fresh sesame flower. It needs about 20 days to see the effects.

(8). Gentian violet (Ziyao shui)

How to use: Smear the gentian violet several times a day for several days.

(9). Cigarette ash

How to use: Wet the wart with your saliva, smear warm cigarette ash on the wart. Once a day for one week.

(10). Vitex flowers (Zijing hua)

How to use: Smear vitex flowers on to the wart.

(11). Stem fluid of Dandelion flower

How to use: Collect fresh dandelion flower. Smear its milk-like liquid from its stem onto the wart. Smear it one to two times a day for ten days.

(12). Portulaca oleracea (Ma Ci Jian)

How to use: Chop the portulaca oleracea plant into mud. Fold with gauze to get its juice. Smear the juice onto the wart, twice a day.

(13). Fig (Wu Hua Guo)

How to use: Smear the white juice of the fig fluid onto the wart.

(14). Vinegar egg

How to use: Wash the chicken eggs. Make several holes with needle. Put the eggs into vinegar for 24 hours. Cook the eggs with the vinegar until the eggs are editable. Eat the egg. One egg each day for three days. If the wart is till there, repeat second healing period.


1.  In Chinese, a wart can be a “male” or a “female”. Male wart is easy to cure, while a female one is hard to cure. It is hard to know which kind of wart has been cured with above folk tips.

2. Most of the folk therapy needs weeks, even one to two months treatment. You have to be patience to try it. The fact that there are so many folk therapies for wart just means that it is not a easy problem to solve by a simple way, including ice frozen therapy, laser therapy or surgical cut of wart.  

3. Wart is more in patients with some immune deficient diseases, such as             , so to improve overall body condition is very important to prevent come back of new wart after years.

4. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a herbal formula called “Yiyi Fuzi Baijiang San” that can be used for the treatment of wart, as well as for various polyps (xirou). You see, the shape of the wart and the polyps is similar? They are called rou-ji in Chinese, meaning the extreme of muscle.