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Make apple as your medicine




1. Acute or chronic gastritis

Material:  Two apples, Honey 20 ml

Preparation: Steam the honey for 20 min.

How to use: Cut the apple into pieces, stick the honey to eat. Finish all once.

For chronic vomiting or burping, eat it before meal, two to three times a day.


2. Chronic hepatic cirrhosis

Material:  Pear skin 15 g, apple skin 15 g, fresh lotus 100 g.

Preparation: Cut all into pieces, add water to boil. Drink the juice.

How to use: Twice or tree times a day.


3. Chronic constipation

Material:  Apple, 1 to 2.


How to use: Eat with empty stomach, every day.


4. High blood pressure (1)

Material:  Apple

Preparation:  Make apple juice

How to use: Drink it three times a day, 100 g each time. Ten days as one healing period.


 5. High blood pressure (2)

Material:  Apple 1; Jellyfish 60 g.

Preparation:  Wash and cut the apple into pieces; wash and cut the jellyfish into pieces too. Add into pot with water, boil.

How to use: Eat the meat and drink the soup. Two to three times a day.


6. Anemia

Material:  Apple, one; tomato, one; sesame 15 g.

Preparation:  Remove the skin and core of the apple; grind sesame into broken; blend all three into mud.

How to use: Eat all once. Repeat twice a day.

7. Chronic indigestion for child

Material:  Apple, one.

Preparation:  Remove the skin and core of the apple; cut into pieces. Add in bowl, steam for about 15 to 20 min till it becomes soft. Make into mud form.

How to use: Feed the child with the apple mud, every day.

8. Tear when wind blows

Material:  Apple skin, 10 g; White sugar, 15 g.

Preparation:  Add all into pot with water. Boil.

How to use: Drink the juice.