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Make shaddock as your medicine




1. Cough and much phlegm (1)

Material:  Shaddock, 90g; cooking wine, 15g; honey, 30g.

Preparation: Mix the three with water to cook for about 20 to 30 min.

How to use: Eat everyday.


2. Cough and much phlegm (2)

Material:  Shaddock, 90g; pear, 100g, rock sugar, 10g.

Preparation: Mix the first two with water to cook for about 20 to 30 min until they become soft enough. Mix with the rock sugar.

How to use: Eat everyday for two to three times a day. This is used if one feel fever and the phlegm is yellow. The one looks strong not weak and do not feel cold in hands or feet usually.


3. Chronic bronchitis (1)

Material:  Shaddock skin, 15g;

Preparation: Cut into smaller pieces, add into hot water for several min. 

How to use: Drink as regular tea.


4. Asthma

Material:  Shaddock skin, 30g; Gallus domesticus (Wu ji), one.

Preparation: Clear the hare and inside of organs from the Gallus domesticus, add the shaddock skin into the inside of the chicken. Fold with oil paper, then with clear mud. Burn to eatable.  

How to use: Eat the meat, once every other day.


5. Asthma – for prevention

Material:  Shaddock, 100 – 200g.


How to use: Eat every day for one week.


6. Low appetite

Material:  Shaddock skin, 15g; Endothelium corneum glgeriae galli (Ji nei jin), 10 g; Crataegus (Shan Zha), 10g;  Amomum villosum Lour (Sha ren), 5g.

Preparation: Add all into water, cook for as a soup.

How to use: Drink the soup, every day for one week.


7. Stomach pain due to indigestion

Material:  Shaddock skin, 30g.

Preparation: Add all into hot water as preparing regular tea.

How to use: Drink every day as tea.