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How to use fennel as your medicine



(1). Hernia

Material: Fennel, 9g; pear kernel, 9g.

How to use: Grind the material into powder. Drink it with little bit cook wine.


(2). Hernia

Material: Fennel, 9g.

How to use: Add Fennel into water. Bring to boil for 30 min. Drink it.


(3). Hernia

Material: Fennel, 15g; salt, little; chicken egg, two.

How to use: Fry (without oil) the fennel and salt to dark in color. Grind it into powder. Fry eggs (with little oil in the frying pot) and the fennel powder. Eat the eggs every day before going to bed. Repeat every day for several days.


(4). Lower back pain

How to use: Fry fennel 9 grams with little sesame oil to dark in color. Drink the powder twice a day. 


(5). Lower stomach pain before menstruation

How to use: Add fennel (15 g) into water. Bring to boil for 30 min. Drink the extract every day, three days before period.


(6). Stomach pain due to cold

How to use: Take fennel, 8 grains. Fry it without oil into dark in color. Drink it together with little brown sugar.


(7). Skin ulcer due to snake bit

How to use: Apply fennel powder onto the ulcer.