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You may use garlic to solve some of your health problem. Followings are some of folk tips used by Chinese in China.

The tips may or may not replace your professional treatments. You may try it if you have no time to visit your doctor, have no money to go to him, or if he fails to help you with chemical drugs, or the professional treatments have caused side effects that you cannot tolerate any longer, or you suffer from the trouble again and again while the biomedical system found nothing wrong in your body.

If there are some herb ingredients in the formula and you cannot find it by yourself, welcome to come and check with us, see if we can help you to get it.

It is well known among Chinese that some tips work even much better than doctor's prescription. A good TCM doctor does not and should not refuse to use such “simple” tip for his patients. So many times, we know the tips (as well as the whole TCM) work, though we do not know why it works from modern science point of view. There are so many mysteries around us, even if modern science has tried so hard to understand it.


(1). Common cold

Material: Garlic, 15g; fresh ginger, 15g.

How to use: Cut the garlic and ginger into pieces. Add into 500 ml of water. Bring to boil until there is about 250 ml left. Drink it before going to bed, after add little bit brown sugar in. It is used for Cold-style common cold.


(2). Bronchitis

Material: Garlic, 250g; vinegar, 250 g; brown sugar, 90g.

How to use: Peel the garlic, grind to broken, add it in the vinegar (with brown sugar in it). Keep for one week. Add the garlic-vinegar (one teaspoon, or about 5 ml) into your daily diet to eat with the diet.


(3). Asthma

Material: Purple-skin garlic, 60g; brown sugar, 90g.

How to use: Add into 300 ml water. Bring to boil until the mixture turns into paste. Eat the garlic paste twice a day, one teaspoon each time.


(4). Chronic cough

Material: Garlic (purple skin, or single piece garlic), several; white sugar, some.

How to use: Add the garlic and sugar into boiled water. Keep for two days. Drink the extract three times a day, half teaspoon to one teaspoon each time.


(5). Tuberculosis

Material: purple skin garlic, 30g.

How to use: Add the garlic into water, bring to boil for 20 min. Collect the water. Add rice (30g) into the water. Bring to boil for 30 min until the rice is editable. Add the garlic back to the rice soup. Mix it well. Eat the soup twice a day. 100 to 150 ml each time.


(6). Stomach pain due to exposure to cold (weather or drink cold beverage)

Material: Garlic 1500g.

How to use: Add the garlic into a mixture of wine and vinegar (1:1, v/v). Keep for 10 days. Eat the garlic 3 to 5 pieces per day.


(7). Acute intestine infection

Material: Garlic, several pieces; vinegar, some.

How to use: Chop the garlic into mud. Add it into the vinegar. Eat the garlic-vinegar mixture. Swallow slowly (with or without other food).


(8). Bacterial diarrhea

How to use: Chop garlic into mud. Apply into naval and sole. Also eat some garlic, several pieces, 2 to 3 times a day.


(9). Bacterial diarrhea

How to use: Just eat garlic without any special preparation.


(10). Urinary retention

Material: Garlic, one; sanzhizi (herb), 6g; salt, 60g.

How to use: Grind all material into powder. Mix with water to prepare paste. Apply the paste into naval. Seal it with medical tap. Keep for several hours.


(11). Loss of consciousness due to fall or beaten

How to use: Prepare garlic juice. Drop the juice several drops in nose.


(12). Sour throat

How to use: grind garlic into mud. Apply to acupuncture point named Yu Ji (the big muscle close to the inside root of thumb. Fold with gauze and medicine tap. After several hours, the skin will have water blister. Protect the skin lesion with blister tap (you can get from London drug.).


(13). Ringworm on the head

How to use: Choose several single-piece garlic. Chop into mud. Mix it with sesame oil to make as paste or mud. Apply onto the affected skin. Change it every day.

This is also the way to treat skin abscess.


(14). Ringworm on the feet

How to use: Wash feet. Smear garlic (cut into half) on the affected skin. Repeat several days.


(15). Tooth decay

How to use: Clear the filling of the tooth decay. Apply garlic mud in.


(16). Nose bleeding

How to use: Apply garlic mud onto the sole. Seal with gauze and medicine tap. Keep overnight.