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You may use tea to solve some of your health problems. Followings are some of folk tips (Folk medicine tips) used by Chinese in China for years and years.

The tips may or may not replace your professional treatments. You may try it if you have no time to visit your doctor, have no money to go to him, or if he fails to help you with chemical drugs, or the professional treatments have caused side effects that you cannot tolerate any longer, or you suffer from the trouble again and again while the biomedical system found nothing wrong in your body.

If there are some herb ingredients in the formula and you cannot find it by yourself, welcome to come and check with us, see if we can help you to get it.

It is well known among Chinese that some tips work even much better than doctor's prescription. A good TCM doctor does not and should not refuse to use such “simple” tip for his patients. So many times, we know the tips (as well as the whole TCM) work, though we do not know why it works from modern science point of view. There are so many mysteries around us, even if modern science has tried so hard to understand it.


(1). Diarrhea

How to use: Tea leaves, 2g. Add it into water. Wait for 10 min. Drink the tea. Repeat three times a day.


(2). Diarrhea

Material: Tea, one cup; vinegar, half cup.

How to use: Mix the tea and vinegar. Drink it.


(3). CO toxic

How to use: Mix one cup of tea (high concentration) and one cup vinegar. Drink it through the day.


(4). Gastric ulcer

Material: Tea leaves, 250g; white sugar, 250g; honey, 250g.

How to use: Add the material in 2000 ml of water. Bring to boil until there is about 1000 ml left. Collect the supernatant. Store it in a clear bottle. Keep it for 2 weeks. Then, drink one to two teaspoons once in the morning and once in the afternoon after warm it each time.


(5). Baby crying at night

Material: Cold tea leaves.

How to use: Chew the tea leave in your mouth to soft and into mud. Apply it over the naval of the baby. Fold and seal with cotton, gauze and medical tap. The cry could stop after 10 min.


(6). Fire syndrome in the body (red eye, sour throat, acid reflux, constipation, toothache, swelling in mumps, etc.)

How to use: Continue to drink green tea.

Note: if you are in a Cold syndrome, you should not drink too much tea. Cold syndrome: cold hands and feet, fear cold, frequent mouth ulcer, sour throat, frequent diarrhea, or diarrhea-constipation shift, like to drink warm water, clear urine, low ambitious in life, chronic fatigue, etc.


(7). Mouth ulcer, gum ulcer, tongue ulcer

How to use: Rinse mouth with high concentration tea. Repeat it tens of times a day.


(8). Mouth odor due to mucus infection, or due to eat garlic, onion, chive, or meat

How to use: Drink tea, or hold tea in mouth.


(9). Sour, skin ulcer or wound

How to use: Wash the wound with tea, especially if there is pus in the wound. It works to clear the wound and speed up the healing.


(10). Life threatening toxic, such as arsenic, strong acid or alkaline, and others

How to use: Let the person drink strong tea (high concentration tea) before and during transporting the person to emergency department. The tea neutralizes the toxic and partially moves the toxic through urine.


(11). Chronic toxic due to cigarette smoking

How to use: Drink tea to detoxic the effect of nicotine in the cigarette.


Note: there are different teas, such as green tea or black tea. It doesn’t matter what kind of tea you use here.