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  book 4a. What we can learn  



 We have found errors and mistakes in acupuncture studies in the Western countries. We now focus on analysis and discussion of improper ways of the thought, design, and performance of acupuncture studies by researchers in Western countries. We feel that, generally speaking, these researchers, due to their cultural mindset, have diverted the direction of research to understanding acupuncture as a placebo, rather than in the improvement of acupuncture performance. This has made already complex acupuncture research even more complex, causing confusion. Researchers should seek a broader view of the research area, not only expansion of his or her own research area.


Introduction. 4

1. Check the reason for study failure from only one side, not both sides. 4

2. They do not check if the acupuncture healing effect can be improved. 5

3. This acupuncture is not that acupuncture. 7

4. Researchers do not realize that acupuncture is highly personal skill-dependent therapy  8

5. Researchers under-estimate the difficulty of acupuncture studies. 10

6. Researchers may not be acupuncturists. 11

7. Improper design of the study. 11

7.1. Modified the study group to test a no-longer-natural therapy. 11

7.2. Did not use simple clinic conditions to test 12

7.3. Incomplete design. 12

7.4. Starting at the same time to test long-term healing effects of acupuncture  13

8. Improperly evaluating the results of the study. 13

8.1. Under-estimate the specific healing effect of acupuncture. 13

8.2. Analysis on narrowed data. 14

8.3. Improperly chose the population to review.. 15

8.4. Improperly using social evidence to support scientific conclusions  15

Summary. 16

References. 17


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