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  Jing Fang  



Chinese Herbal Therapy

Summit Discussion on Jiang Fang


Martin Wang, MD. Ph D.


Chinese herbal therapy is one of the most effective therapies in whole Chinese medicine system. The book Shang Han Lun is the earliest book that systematically summarized the principle in the diagnosis and treatment with herbal therapy. The meaning of the original text is however difficult to understand because the book did not tell why to separate various disease as six major categories and why we should use such and such herbal formulas for the treatment. The book reads pretty much as a clinic handbook for use, instead of a thorough teaching. The experience of many famous Chinese medicine doctors in history indicated that the book is however very important to learn, though the understanding of the meaning of the original text is different among the doctors.

In our another book, Chinese Herbal Therapy: Summit on Shang Han Lun, we have introduced the different ways of understanding about the original text in the book Shang Han Lun. We have discussed how to make diagnosis to a disease condition and how to find the indications for a herbal formula.

This book here is dedicated to know how each famous doctor identify the indications for each herbal formula and how do they apply these herb formula for the treatment.

The author of this book here s not at all an expert in Chinese medicine but he hopes that this book would be helpful for those of doctors who want to learn and practice Chinese herbal therapy in their clinic, so as to increase their clinic success rate.

 This book is under Writing now.