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Introduction of your next doctor, Dr. Martin Wang



Dr. Martin Wang is a registered acupuncturist and doctor of natural medicine in Millwoods Acupuncture Centre, Edmonton, Canada. He graduated from Xi'an Medical University in China in 1982 and worked in China as doctors in both western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine then. He got Ph. D. in medicine in 1996 in Lund University, Sweden. He continued Medical research work in the University of Alberta till 2000. He has been a senior Scientist in a local neutroceutial company in Red Deer, Alberta and later returned to clinic work as registered acupuncturist in Alberta.

Dr. Martin now focuses on the use of acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy in his clinic work. His acupuncture technique has updated to Dong Shi Qi Xue style, and the herbal therapy, the Jing Fang style of TCM. These updates make his clinic healing effective rate much higher than it was before.

Dr. Martin always said that, "Give me chance and I give you the result." He always recommends that "Try the alternative medicine before you are going to use long term chemical therapy or surgery".

Due to the broad experience in the conventional medicine clinic work, the medical research work and TCM clinic practice, he is able to tell the advantage and disadvantage of each medical area. Additional experience in the practice of various alternative healthcare area, such as Chinese Qi Gong, Tai Ji, Japanese Reiki, therapeutic touch, massage, hypnosis, allows him to tell which alternative medicine might be real and true and which might be a cheat. All of these experience and knowledge allow him able to set up an information website here for his patient to understand TCM and build up confidence to the TCM.

He likes the clinic work but he also feels responsibility to help those of acupuncturists who learned TCM out of China and educated based on “textbook” TCM. He believes that the current TCM education system could not educate qualified TCM doctor. If a TCM practitioner feels no confidence to what he learned about TCM from the TCM textbook, the more of such practitioner, the quicker the TCM will die. TCM is in a critical crisis now. This is true even in China, since many people do not feel good healing effects from TCM from current practitioners.

We need the quality, not the quantity of  TCM practitioners. For this reason, he built up a professional forum in this website, with the hope that it can spark the interest of current TCM practitioners in the Western world to re-study TCM. We should become well known in our city due to our clinic result, not just because we have opened the clinic for a long time.

The professional forum here does not guarantee that you will be a TCM expert, but will speed up your pace to it. You will hardly be a TCM expert if you only know the TCM textbook, he said.

There are several clinic styles of TCM but the textbook TCM is none of them. This is proven by the fact that there are less and less number of true national TCM experts in China after the TCM education system adopted the western medicine education model for the past 50 years.