Post menopause syndrome

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Post menopause syndrome


The most common symptom the people with the post menopause syndrome feel is hot flash, or sometimes hot sometimes cold, with or without sweat. They may also feel frequent tired, less patience, irritable emotion reaction, either poor appetite, or craving for food to gain body weight. They may have poor sleep, early awake, or they could still feel tired in the morning, no matter how long time they have spend on the bed the previous night. They feel that it seems their life is totally turned off from a time point of their life.

If there is a way to help you to stop the post menopause syndrome within one to two weeks, would you like to try?

The success rate for post menopause syndrome is actually very high with the Traditional Chinese Medicine, compared with conventional medicine. In the conventional medicine, people with the post menopause syndrome will be given hormonal products, such as estrogen, progesterone, or the mixture of these two groups of hormones. One usually have to take them for months, even years, though it is known that long term taken of the hormones may be associated with serious side effects, such as heart disease or cancer in breast, vagina, or uterus. In one word, there is no way for the conventional medicine to solve the post menopause syndrome without causing side effects.

In our clinic experience, mostly with the following conditions would the healing effects with TCM be affected:

(1). The women continue to take large amount of hormone products, such as estrogen and/or progesterone.

(2). The women continue to take chemotherapy.

(3). The women continue to take large amount of cold fruits, such as cold juices of apple, orange, banana. The cold here means that the fruit juice is cold in temperature, but more means that it is cold in nature, based on Chinese medicine. For such fruits, even if you drink them after warming up, it still creates more cold in your body. If you really want your TCM doctor be able to help you, you should remind him/her if you are taking such medicine.

In TCM, the menopause syndrome is believed basically due to a Yang Qi depletion in the body (mostly in the kidney system), so that there is relatively more Yin Qi in the body. The Yin Qi and the Yang Qi should be balanced in the body normally. The Yin Qi presses the original Yang Qi that is usually hidden in the Kidney system of the body now out of the kidney system to floating so that you could feel hot. This is similar to the stirring of the Yang Qi out of the Kidney system by the use of cortisone products during anti-inflammation efforts by your conventional doctors. Waste of the primary life Yang Qi, weather by the stirring with cortisone application, or naturally during the menopause syndrome, reduces body own defense power again life threaten stress such as cancer.

TCM works first to bring the floating Yang Qi back to the kidney system, then supply more Yang Qi to balance the Yin-and-Yang in the body by the use of acupuncture and herbal therapy.