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Effect of Guizhi tang in the treatment of various clinic diseases

(Clinic research reports)


Ingredients of Guizhi tang: Guizhi, Baishao, fresh ginger, Chinese date and Gancao.



Fresh ginger


Chinese date

Guizhi tang is one of the most famous Chinese herbal formula in clinic. Its clinic use is very broad and it is one of the major “stem” of many herbal formula.

The clinic effectiveness of Guizhi tang has been well known from history. The effectiveness has been reproducible and repeated again and again without any doubt. However, that we list the reports of clinic study for Guizhi tang here is simply to meet the desire of someone who only believes the so called scientific study, the animal study, the lab chemical study with statistic numbers, but not human body study.

We list here the reports of some clinic study that are mostly done in China and published in Chinese Medical journals. It does not at mean that the Guizhi tang can only be used in these kinds of clinic conditions. Readers are suggested not to make any misunderstanding on this point. This is common sense for all Chinese herbs. So, you should not surprise that why a given herb formula can be used for infection, inflammations, the hormone disorders, the psychological disorders, immune disorders, cancers, genetic disorder… all of the diseases in terms of western medicine. This is because: the TCM and the western medicine look the structure and function of our body in a quite different view! TCM does not work at all based on the diagnosis term or concept of western medicine but its own.  

Guizhi tang works well in those of people whose body belongs to Guizhi constitution. People with the typical Guizhi constipation are those model girls. They are very slim, easy to have sweat. They have poor toleration to the either hot or cold room temperature and feel tired. They are of course weak physically. For these kinds of people, TCM doctor should consider if the illness of these people need the use of Guizhi tang. (tang here means soup, the herbal soup).


    Slim girl, typical Guizhi tang body constitution.


It should be pointed out that ANY Chinese herbs should be used according to Chinese herbal therapy. It means that it should be used according to a diagnosis by Chinese medicine, not by a western medicine. Information here for the effectiveness of herbs is to show how good they are in the treatment of various “diseases”, but in the TCM view, it works in so many clinic diseases simply because all of the effective cases showed a common phenomenon: Cold syndrome with water accumulation in terms of Chinese medicine. If a patient’s condition indeed belongs to such TCM diagnosis, the pill will work well, no matter what “disease” the patient is diagnosed in terms of western medicine. Otherwise, it may not work.

Data source: 李世文,康满珍,[中成药新用途] 第二版,2005,人民军医出版社.

(1). Allergic purpura

Sixty one person with allergic purpura were treated with Guizhi tang after five to fifteen days, 55 cases were cured, 4 under much control and there was only 2 cases without any improvement.



In another study, the use of Guizhi tang plus Danshen made allergic purpura disappeared in 33 cases within 6 to 10 days (total 35 cases in this study).


(2). Sweat

Guizhi tang is one of the common herbal formula used for the treatment of various sweat. People may have frequent sweat only on head, on neck, on palm or only under arm pitch. The sweat can happen during daytime, or at night. Twenty one cases with frequent sweat was treated with Guizhi tang for 3 to 5 days. Clinic cure cases were 18, effective cases were 3.



(3). Facial paralysis

It has been reported that Guizhi tang, when used in 75 people with facial paralysis (age between 20 and 63) for one to two weeks, 69 cases were clinically cured, 4 cases under control, and 2 cases were not improved.


(4). Stomach pain

Guizhi tang can be used for release of stomach pain as well. It has been reported in total 53 patients with stomach pain. After use of the Guizhi tang for 5 to 7 days, 48 cases were cured (pain stop, appetite return normal, and no recurrence for one year); 4 cases was under much control (pain stop, appetite much improved. Or after stop the herbs, the pain came back but the use of the herb works again); one case had no any improvement.



(5). Sciatic pain

There are many herbal formula in TCM for the treatment of sciatic pain. Guizhi tang is one of the choice. In a report for 84 patients with sciatic pain, the use of Guizhi tang for seven to twenty-one day made 77 cases under clinic cure (no pain within one year), 5 under control and 2 cases without improvement. Again it is stated that this herbal formula must be used in the Cold-weakness condition in terms of TCM diagnosis.


 (6). Pregnancy vomiting

Guizhi tang is commonly used in pregnancy vomiting. In a study of 38 pregnancy women with vomiting, the use of Guizhi tang help to stop the vomiting in all of the women within 3 days.


(7). Menopause syndrome

Guzhi tang has been used in 51 women with menopause syndrome. After 10 to 15 days, 43 cases were cured (symptoms disappeared for one year at least), 6 were much improved, 2 were not improved at all.


(8). Dysmenorrheal (痛经)

For the treatment of dysmenorrheal, Guizhi tang was started 5 days before the period and continued until the period stop. In a report of 69 cases, it resulted in a clinic cure in 62 cases (stomach pain stop and no pain within one year thereafter), much improved in 5 cases (stomach pain was much reduced, or stop for three month but pain comes back again, and re-use of the herb makes the pain disappeared again), no use for 2 cases.

(9). Frostbite (chilblain)

Guizhi tang has been used for frostbite. It was used externally on the affected skin, not by oral intake. In a study of 54 patients with frostbite, 18 people were cured after 2 to 4 days; 20 peoples were cured after 5 to 7 days; and 16 get complete recovery after 8 to 10 days.


(10). Child attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)


(11). Urticaria (荨麻疹)

In this report, the cure means the symptoms disappeared for one year without recurrence.



12. Guizhi tang has been reported in the treatment of acute rheumatoid arthritis  (effective rate of 91%) and allergic rhinitis (effective rate of 92%).