Treatment of snore with Chinese herb

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Treatment of snore with Chinese herb Hongcao zhigan keli



Snore may not bother the sleeper, but whoever sleeps beside. You can call it snore, or your doctor may call it sleep apnea syndrome. For most people with snore, it is not really a big problem but neither easy to solve. Here we introduce a herbal powder for the treatment for score. You may need to take for one week to be able to tell whether it works or not.



Hongcao zhihan keli



Functions: to smooth aire flowing in the respiratory tract, so to stop the snoring or sleep apnea syndrome.


Ingredients: Hongjintian, tumuxiang, niupangzi, mahuang, gancao, banbianlian.


Hong Jing Tian

Tu Mu Xiang

Niu Bang Zi


Ma Huang

Gang Cao

Ban Bian Lian


Side effects: no report yet.

How to use: one bag (10g) each time, twice a day. Put the powder into hot water, stirring until it is dissolved, drink.