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Effect of Liushen Wan in the treatment of various clinic diseases

(Clinic research reports)



Ingredients of Liushen wan: zhenzhu feng, Niuhuang, Shexiang, Xionghuang, Bingpian, Chanchu.


Function in terms of TCM: Depletion of Fire (in Fire syndrome). Reduce inflammation. Stop pain. Clear emotion (restoration of mode).

Function in terms of conventional medicine: Anti-infection, anti-inflammation, stop pain, stop swelling, tranquilization.

Data source: 李世文,康满珍,[中成药新用途] 第二版,2005,人民军医出版社.

(1). Common cold.

It has been used in 35 patients with influenza with or without sore throat. It takes 3 to 5 days to recover completely without any side effects.

(2). Chronic type B hepatitis

It is reported that when used in 15 patients with chronic type B hepatitis, Liushen wan helped 12 cases  cured, 2 were much improved and only 1 was no any improvement.



(3). Mumps (流行性腮腺炎)

In one report, Liushen wan was used as 4 to 6 pills, three times a day for adult, and 1 to 3 pills, three times a day for children. At the same time, grind the Liushen wan into powder, mixed with vinegar or wine to prepare as mud, that was applied on to the affected skin for 2 to 3 times per day. It takes about 2 to 4 days to cure the mump in 33 patients.

In another report involving 58 cases, it also takes about 2 to 5 days to cure the mumps in all patients.

(4). Acute respiratory failure due to Japanese encephalitis

In the treatment of respiratory failure during Japanese encephatilits, additional application of Liushen wan helped 12 cases recovered. The success rate is reported to to 92%.

(5). Ring worm.

Because the Liushen wan contains an ingredient Xiong huang that is good in the treatment of ring worm, the Liushen wan has also been tried to treat this disease. It is applied into the anus at night before going to bed. The anuses have also been washed with the Liushen wan water solution every night. In 9 cases, 6 patients got rid of the ring worm completely, one case got much improved and one failed.

(6). Acute onset of bronchitis and asthma with heart failure

Liushen wan has function of improving heart contract and dialation, enlarge coronary heart arteries, improving heart blood supply so it is also used to solve the heart failure in respiratory diseases. It usually needs 2 to 3 times intake to improve the clinic condition and it needs 20 to 30 pills intake each time (once a day) in such severe condition.

(7). Acute onset of angina or coronary heart disease

Application of Gingshen and the Liushen wan helps the release of acute pain due to coronary heart disease. Let patient take 15 pills right away and repeat 10 pills after 15 min. the pain can be released within several minutes. 

(8). Palpitation

It was reported that the palpitation can be released on the next day with the use of the Liushen wan. It needs 20 pills each time, three times a day.  

(9). Acute lymphangitis, Acute suppurative finger infection

It has been reported in 21 cases with the lymphangitis and acute suppurative finger inflammation. All are cured with the use of the Liushen wan.

(10). Herpes roster

To treat herpes roster, Liushen wan was taken 8 to 10 pills each time, three times a day. It is also applied onto the affected skin after dissolve it (40 to 60 pills) in vinegar. It takes about 5 to 7 days to cure completely. In this report, a total of 18 cases were reported.

In another study, 54 patients with herpes roster were treated with the Liushen wan. 31 cases were cured within one day, 18 were cured within 2 days, 4 within 3 days, and one within 4 days. No pigment remains on the skin after the treatment.

In the third report, 189 patients with the herpes roster were treated. Similar nice results were reported (see the figure bellow).


(11). Warts (寻常疣)or coin.

Liushen wan can treat warts too. The surface skin should be removed or peered. Make the Liushen wan into powder and apply it onto the warts. Then fold the skin with medical tape. It takes about 5 to 7 days to cure.

In the treatment of coin, after remove of surface skin, the skin should be rinsed in 1% salt solution for 15 min to make the coin softer. Then apply the Liushen wan (dissolved in vinegar first), on to the coin. Repeat it every three days. In a study involving 75 patients, 62 cases were cured with only one treatment, 10 with two treatments, 3 were much improved.

(12). Prickly heat, acne or fulliculitis (毛囊炎)

In the treatment of prickly heat or acne, Liushen wan is also used oral and on skin. Patients need to take the Liushen wan 6 pills each time, twice to three times a day.  This is the same way as for the treatment of puss, skin rash, skin ulcer, carbuncle (痈)or eczema.

(13). Radical popular urticaria ( 丘疹性荨麻疹)

The Liushen wan were grinded into powder and mixed with ordinary skin lotion and applied on to skin once or twice a day. In a report with 19 cases, all are cured with this way.

(14). Scrotum eczema

Used by oral of applied on skin, Liushen wan were used in 22 patients with scrotum eczema. 13 cases were cured within 3 to 5 times of treatments, 9 were cured within 6 to 9 times.

(15). Toothache  or gum infection.

For tooth ache due to pulpitis (牙髓炎)caries (龉齿), with or without infection, Liushen wan was used by applying onto the infected tooth or surrounding gum, once a day. It takes about 3 days to work.   

(16). Submandibular gland infection

Eighty seven patients with submandibular gland infection were treated with Liushen wan. It is reported that it took 3 to 6 days to cure.

(17). Poisonous snake bite

There is usually sour throat after poisonous snake bite. Additional hold of the Liushen wan in mouth helps to reduce the swelling in throat and reduce the pain. There is a report involving 23 cases to confirm this summary.

(18). Stomatitis (口腔炎),otitis media (中耳炎)

Liushen wan is also good in the treatment of stomatitis and otitis media.

(19). Esophagus cancer and leukemia

In a report introducing the effect of Liushen wan in the treatment of esophagus cancer in 20 patients, Liushen intakes for 4 weeks (stop any chemotherapy or radiation therapy) made clinic symptoms disappear in 19 cases, much improved in 1, easy to eat in 15 cases, enable to drink fluid food in 5 cases. In this report, Liushen wan was taken 10 to 15 pills each time, four times per day.

In another study for the use of Liushen wan in the treatment of six patients with adult leukemia, it makes 3 cases totally resolved. In another study including 16 patients with leukemia, it results in total release in 2 patients, partially release in 1, and much improved in the remaining 5 patients.