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Effect of Tianwang Buxin Dan in the treatment of various clinic diseases

(Clinic research reports)


Ingredients: Dihuang, Rensheng, Xuansheng, Tiandong, Maidong, Dansheng, Danggui, Dangsheng, Fuling, Shichangpu, Yuanzhi, Wuweizi, Suanzaoren, Boziren, Zhusha, Jiegeng, Duzhong, Baibu, Gancao.







Function in TCM: Nourish heart and tranquilize emotion, deplete Fire syndrome and nourish Yin blood.

Function in terms of conventional medicine: Improve insomnia, reduce annoyed, calm the emotion, improve memory, support ability in mind work, improve bowl movement, solve chronic fatigue….

(1). Impotence

Used in 89 patients with impotence for 20 to 60 days, 56 were cured, 31 were much improved, 3 were without any improvement.



In another study, Tianwan Buxin Dan were used in 37 patients with impotency. Thirty patients got cured. Average treatment time is 30 days.


(2). Nervous dermatitis

Used in 28 patients with nervous dermatitis, the Tianwang Buxin dan helped 25 patients completely cured, 2 were much improved, and one had no any improvement.




(3). Elderly skin itch

For 65 old patients with skin itch, the application of Tianwang Buxin dan for 3 to 12 days cured the itch for 21 patients within 3 days, 19 patients within 6 days, 15 patients within 9 days, and 10 other patients within 12 days.


(4). Menopause syndrome

Tianwang Buxin dan is one of herbal formula that is used for the treatment of menopause syndrome. In a study involving 53 women with the menopause syndrome, the application of Tianwang Buxin dan yielded 50 patients cured, 2 much improved and 1 without any improvement.



Data source: 李世文,康满珍,[中成药新用途] 第二版,2005,人民军医出版社.