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Effect of Yanghe tang in the treatment of various clinic diseases

(Clinic research reports)

Ingredients: Shoudihuang, Baijiezi, Mahuang, Rougui, Ganjiang, Lujiaojiao, Gancao.


Function in TCM:  Speed up energy flow in meridians, warm up and make Cold mass softer and disappear, stop and release pain due to the Cold mass.

This herbal formula works mostly for mass, lamp (such as chronic puss mass, fibrosis, benign tumor or cancers) that belongs to Cold in nature in terms of TCM diagnosis. The mass may touch cold and its surface skin is not in fresh red in color.

Function in terms of conventional medicine:  Anti-inflammation, anti arthritis, stop pain and reduce swelling, etc.


(1). Trigeminal neuralgia

In a study involving 120 patients with trigeminal neuralgia, the application of the Yanghe tang for 20 to 40 days cured 111 cases, much improved 5 and there is only 4 cases did not have any improvement.



(2). Raynaud’s disease



(3). Acute mastitis (急性乳腺炎)

Twenty two women with acute mastitis has been treated with the Yanghe tang for 5 to 10 days. It is reported that twenty of them has been cured, two were not improved at all.

(4). Spine bone hyperplasia

Thirty eight patients with spine bone hyperplasia were treated with Yanghe tang for 30 to 45 days. Thirty five were cured, two were much improved, with only one having no any improvement.

(5). Chronic prostatitis

Forty two patients with chronic prostatitis were treated with Yanghe tang for 60 to 80 days. Thirty seven were cured, three were much improved and two were not improved at all.



(6). Cold type Urticaria (荨麻疹)

Yanghe tang is good in the treatment of Cold type urticaria. In a study involving 50 patients with this Cold type urticaria, the total effectiveness rate is 96%. It needed as less as one day for the treatment and up to as long as 3 days to start showing the effect.


(7). Amenorrhea (闭经)

In a study involving 63 women with amenorrhea, the use of Yanghe tang cured 54 of them, much improved 6 and had no effect on 3.



(8). Chronic Osteomyelitis (慢性骨髓炎)

Yanghe tang is a common herbal formula used for the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis. It has been reported in a study that the application of Yanghe tang (with additional other herbs) in total 39 cases cured 25, much improved 12, and had no effect on 2 of them.



Data source: 李世文,康满珍,[中成药新用途] 第二版,2005,人民军医出版社.