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Zheng Tian Wan (pill)



Headache is a common symptom, usually treated with antipyretic and analgesic agents, muscle relaxants and ergotamine agent in western medicine, which can only reduce or relieve headaches temporarily but with strong side effects. Therefore, a drug is needed to treat headache that not only can remove the clinical symptoms of headache and prevent the headache from happening, but also has no side effect. Here we introduce one of the herb formula popularly used in China for the treatment of headache: Zhen Tian wan. Wan here means pill in Chinese.


Product features:


(1). The therapeutic scope is wide and the effect is certain.

(2). Natural traditional Chinese medicine has no side effect when used properly under the prescription of TCM doctors.

(3). Relapse rate of headache is low.


Ingredients: Chuanqun, Dangui, Honghua, Fangfeng, Duhuo, Baishao, Dihuang, Taoren.


Chuang Qun

Dang Gui

Hong Hua







Function in terms of TCM: Expel Wind, improve blood circulation, improve energy flow in meridian, so to stop pain.

Function in terms of conventional medicine: release various headache, migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, or dymenorrhea.

Clinic report

In one study, the Zheng Tian Wan has been used in 480 patients with various migraine or headache. It caused cure in 182 patients, much improved (headache is much reduced) in 245 patients, some improvement in 43 patients, and no effects in only 10 patients.

How to use it: one patch each time, repeat two to three times per day. Drink it after meal. Fifteen-day is one healing period. It usually needs one to three healing periods.