Chapter 21, Disorders after baby delivery

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Chapter 21, Disorders after baby delivery


Asked: woman who just had a baby delivery, has three kinds of disorders associated with the delivery. The first is Jing disease (spasm type disease). The second is Yumao disease[1] and the third is hard in bowel movement. What are they? Master: woman who just has delivery is usually weak in the body, has more sweat, so she is easier be attacked by Wind, so easy to have a Jing disease. Such woman loses blood, together with more sweat, the body is easier to be attacked by the Cold, so she is easy to have a Yumao disease. The loss of blood, sweat, all depletes body liquid (the Yingye), the stomach is try so that the bowel movement is hard.


For woman with Yumao disease, her pulse is weak, cannot eat, the stool is hard, but there is sweat on head. This is because the blood deficiency, which causes reverse cold in hands and feet. The later condition then causes the Yumao condition. Person with the Yumao will have sweat before the condition is to solve. The sweat is due to the floating Yangqi in the head (the cold in residue in the lower part of the body: cold feet). Woman who has easy sweat depleted the Yin and causes blood deficiency. If the woman has nausea and hard to eat, has hard stool, use Xiao Chaihu Tang. If the disorder has been solved but she has fever again after seven to eight days, this condition is fullness condition in the abdomen, use Da Chenqi Tang to solve it.   


 Xiao Chaihu Tang (see the version for nausea)


Da Chenqi Tang (see the version for the Jing disease)(见痉病中)


For women after delivery has pain in abdomen, use Ganggui Shenjiang Yangyou Tang. This herbal formula can also be used in the treatment of Cold hernia in the abdomen, and weakness condition due to exhausting labor works.


Danggui Shenjiang Yangrou Tagn (see the version for Cold hernia)


If the woman has pain in abdomen after delivery, feels annoyed and fullness in abdomen, and feels hard to fall into sleep, use Zhishi Shaoyao San.


Zhishi Shaoyao San

(烧令黑,勿太过),  芍药等分

Zhishi (burn to black in color), Shaoyao, equal amount.


Prepare the herbs into powder. Drink 1 gram each time, three times a day. This herbal formula can also be used for the treatment of abscess, drinking barley soup to help swallow.


Master: for woman after delivery has pain in stomach, Zhishi Shaoyao San should be used. If it does not work, it suggests the presence of dry blood mass adhering under the naval. In this case, change to Xia Yuxue Tang.


Xia Yuxue Tang


Dahuang 45 gram, Taoren 20 badges, Mangchong (processed, remove feet) 20 badges.


Prepare the herbs into 4 pill with honey. Add one pill and 250 ml wine into a herbal pot. Bring to boil until there is about 80% of the wine left. Drink all the herbal wine. There will be blood in the stool, the color of which is very dark.


If a women just had baby delivery for seven or eight days, no any signs of Taiyang stage, but feels pain and hard in the lower abdomen, this condition is due to hosting blood there that is due to the stick of Fire in the urine bladder. On the other side, there is also a situation in which a woman feels annoyed/impatient, fever, no bowel movement. Her pulse is mild strong. For this who feels annoyed/impatience in the evening also feels no appetite, and has Chattering syndrome after eating, which symptoms stop upon night. In this case, use Da Chenqi Tang.[2]


After baby delivery, the woman is attacked by the Wind. She feels mild headache, chilly, and hot from time to time, bloating in the upper abdomen, nausea, sweat. All are there for tens of days. In this case, use Yangdan Tang, which is the Guizhi Tang plus Huangqin.  


Yangdan Tang


Add Huangqin into the Guizhi Tang. (Guizhi Tang: see the version for Diarrhea)

产后中风,  (病痉者),发热面正赤,喘而头痛,竹叶汤主之。

After baby delivery, the woman is attacked by the Wind and has Jing disease. She feels fever, red and hot on her face, asthma and headache. In this case, use Zhuye Tang


Zhuye Tang

一把,葛根  三两,防风  一两,桔梗桂枝人参甘草  各一两,附子(炮)一枚,大枣  十五枚,生姜  三两

Zhuye 62 gram, Gegen 45 gram, Fangfeng 15 gram, Jiegen 15 gram, Guizhi 15 gram, Guizhi 15 gram, Renshen 15 gram, Gancao 15 gram, Fuzi (processed) 35 gram, Chinese date 15 badges, fresh ginger 45 gram.


Add the herbs and 2500 ml water into a herbal pot. Bring to boil and keep in mild boiling until there is 300 ml water left. Drink one third of the herbal tea each time, three times a day. Cover the body to make sweat. If the person has tightness in the neck, use a big Fuzi (about 45 gram), cut it into small pieces as soya bean size. When boiling, remove the upper floating residue. If the person has nausea, add big Banxia 124 gram.


If the women has no enough milk in breasts, and feels annoyed/impatient, nausea, use Zhupi Da Wan to harmony the Qi in the body.


Zhupi Da Wan


Zhuru 8 gram, Shigao 15 gram, Guizhi 8 gram, Gancao 49 gram, Baiwei 8 gram.


Prepare the herbs into pill with Chinese date mud as a size of 0.1 cm diameter. Drink one pill each time, twice during daytime, and twice at night. If the woman has fever, double the amount of Baiwei. If she has asthma, add Boshi 8 gram.  


If the woman has diarrhea and feels very weak after baby delivery, use Baitouwen jia Gancao Ajiao Tang.


Baitouwen jia Gancao Ajiao Tang.


Baitouwen 30 gram, Gancao 30 gram, Ajiao 30 gram, Qinpi 45 gram, Huanglian 45 gram, Yinpi 45 gram.


Add the herbs (except Ajiao) and 1750 ml water into a herbal pot. Bring to boiling and keep in mild boiling until there is about 300 ml herbal tea left. Add the Ajiao in, stir it until it is well melted. Drink one third of the herbal tea each time, three times a day.

[1] Yumao: the person feels dizzy and cloudy in vision.

[2] This paragraph tells two clinic conditions. The first one is the Fire in the urine bladder. The second one is the Fullness condition in the abdomen.