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Chapter 13. Gualu series

Gualu (Fructus Trichosanthis) is the mature fruit of plant Trichosanthes kirilowii Maxim. It works to deplete the Fire-Phlegm, release fullness in the chest, easy the stool movement through the intestine. The function of the Gualu peel, it kernel and the whole fruit are somehow different. The peel works more to release the bloating feeling in the chest. The kernel works more to lubricate the stool movement.


(1). 栝蒌薤白白酒汤方

Guolu Xiebai Baijiu Tang

栝蒌实(捣)一枚,   薤白半斤,   白酒七升

Guolushi (grind into small pieces) one badge, Xiebai 125gram, liquor 1400 ml.


Add the herbs and the liquor together. Bring to boil until the liquor in the pot is about 500 ml. Separate the herbal tea into several parts, repeatedly drink each part after 2 to 3 hours.


For person with Xiongbi disease[1], he will feel asthma, cough, spit, pain in the chest and back, and short of breath. His pulse is deep and slow in the Chun position, slight tight and slight frequent in the Guan position.[2] For the Xiongbi disease, use Guolu Xiebai Baijiu Tang.


(2). 栝蒌薤白半夏汤方

Guolu Xiebai Banxia Tang

栝蒌实(捣)一枚,    薤白  三两,    半夏  半升,     白酒  一斗

Guolushi (grind into small pieces) one badge, Xiebai 45 gram, Banxia 124 gram, liquor 2500 ml.


Add the herbs and the liquor together. Bring to boil until the liquor in the pot is about 1000 ml. Drink one third of the tea each time, three times a day.


For person with the Xiongbi disease, if he has severe pain in front and in the back of the chest,[3] hard to lie down, use Guolu Xiebai Banxia Tang.

[1] Xiongbi: Xiong means chest; bi means block of the blood and Qi. So Xiongbe means a disease in the chest which is caused by block of Qi and blood by various Xieqi.

[2] This is a condition of inside Cold in the Chest that affects the Heart. The coronary heart disease in the western medicine is similar to the Xiongbi disease here. But the Xiongbi disease refers to much more condition than the coronary heart disease.

[3] This is a condition in which the person has Cold and also Phlegm in the chest to block the Yangqi in the chest.