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 Chapter 17.  Renshen Series



Renshen is one of the most important herbs in the Chinese medicine. Renshen is commonly replaced by the use of Dangshen. Renshen and Dangshen work to deplete Fire; stop thirsty; protect Stomach; as used in the << Shanghan Lun >>.

For a long time, doctors believe that Renshen works to nourish the Yang aspect of the body. In fact, it is to supply the Yin aspect of the body.

Conditions in which the Renshen is used”


20 服桂枝汤,大汗出後,大烦渴不解,脉洪大者,白虎加人参汤主之。

After drinking of Guizhi Tang, if person has strong sweat, feels very annoyed, very thirsty and drinking water does not help to calm down the thirsty, pulse is big, Baihu jia Renshen Tang should be used.

34    太阳病,外证未除,而数下之,遂协热而利;利下不止,心下痞硬,表 不解者,桂枝人参汤主之。

In Taiyang stage, the invaded disease remains but a bowel-cleansing therapy has been used repeatedly for several times, the diarrhea will be hot-diarrhea; if the diarrhea continuous, the person will feel fullness in stomach. If it is still in Taiyang stage, Guizhi jia Renshen Tang should be used mainly[1].

11 发汗後,身疼痛,脉沉迟者,桂枝加芍药生姜各一两,人参二两,新加汤主之。

After sweat therapy, the person feels pain on the body, and if his pulse feels deep and slow, Xinjia Tang is the main recommended herb formula.





Modification of the formula

(1). If the person is with annoyed in chest but no nausea: remove Banxia and Renshen, add Gualushi 45 gram;

(2). If with thirsty, remove Banxia, add additional Renshen 23 gram, and add Gualougen 60 gram;

(7). If with cough, remove Renshen, fresh ginger and date, but add Ganjiang 30 gram, and Wuweizi 25 gram.



Lizhong Tang

人参 白术 甘草(炙) 乾姜各三两

Renshen 45 gram, Baishu 45 gram, Gancao (processed) 45 gram, Ganjiang 45 gram.


Prepare the herbs into pills to use. Or, add the herbs and 2000 ml water into a herbal pot. Bring to boil then keep in mild boiling until the liquid volume in it is about 750 ml. Collect the herbal tea. Drink one third each time, three times a day. 


Modifications: if the person has jumping feeling in the upper stomach (or above the naval), it is the movement of Kidney Qi, remove Baishu, but add Guizhi 60 gram. If with vomiting, remove Baishu, add Fresh ginger 45 gram; if with frequent diarrhea, add little bit more Baishu; if with palpitation, add Fuling 30 gram; if with thirsty and willing to drink water, add additional Baishu 23 gram; if with stomach pain, add additional Renshen 23 gram; if with Cold inside, add Ganjiang 23 gram; if with fullness in the Stomach, remover Baishu, add Fuzi 45 gram. After drinking the tea, eat rise soup about 250 ml. Cover the body and lie down for one hour to let the body feel warm.



Renshen Tang


Renshen 45 gram, Gancao 45 gram, Ganjiang 45 gram, Baishu 45 gram


For person with the Xiongbi disease, if he feels fullness in the upper abdomen and in the chest, feels as there is air pushing to the heart, use Zhishi Xiebai Guizhi Tang, or use Renshen Tang.


04   伤寒,本自寒格[2],医复吐下之,寒格,更逆吐下,若食入口即吐,乾姜黄连黄芩人参汤主之。

If in Cold-invasion Taiyin stage, the person has Cold-block syndrome inside, but he is given a vomiting therapy or a bowel-cleansing therapy again. This results in the worse of the Cold-block syndrome, in which people has vomiting right after eating, has more vomiting and diarrhea. Ganjiang Huanglian Huangqin Renshen Tang is to be used.



Tongmai Sini Tang

甘草(炙)二两, 乾姜 三两, 强人可四两, 附子(生用,去皮,破八片)大者一枚

Gancao (processed) 30 gram; Ganjiang 45 gram, (for big size body, it can be 60 gram), Fuzi (not processed, remove skin, cut into pieces) 45 gram.


If the person’s face is red in color, add Chinese onion stem of nine; if he is with pain in stomach, remove the stem, but add Shaoyao 30 gram; If with nausea, add fresh ginger 30 gram; if with sour throat, remove shaoyao, add Jiegen 15 gram; if the pulse remains hard to feel after stop of diarrhea, remove Jiegen, add Renshen 30 gram. If the clinic condition matches the herbal formula, drink it no doubt.

[1] If in this situation, the pulse is not weak, Gancao Xiexing Tang can be considered.

[2] In original version, it is bowel-cleansing therapy, not the “Cold-block syndrome” .