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Bleeding therapy


Bleeding therapy refers to release several drops of blood from specific points of the body for treatment. This is a very old therapy and has been used by many nations in the world. In old times, the bleeding is caused by using bleach on the skin. Currently, it is caused by using needle.

In Chinese Medicine, the spots used for bleeding is ear, or acupuncture points, especially those spot that show stagnation of blood, or poor circulation.

The amount of blood leaks from several drops to even 50 ml or more than that, depending on the nature of the disease and the purpose of the therapy.

People may ask if blood donation will also have some treatment effect, if the bleeding therapy introduced here works. The answer is absolutely no. For blood donation, the blood is taken from large blood vessel, while the bleeding therapy, from the surface of the skin, especially the spot on the acupuncture points or those spot where there is sign of blood circulation stagnation.

Clinically we frequently find that the combination of acupuncture with the bleeding (mostly on the tip of the ear and the spot behind the knee) could reduce the rate of turn-back of the symptoms, and the bleeding should be done before that acupuncture.