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What you should not do after treatment


After treatment for some times, most of our clients, say, more than 90% of them feel better. However, there are some (about 5% of them), turns worse again. This is easy to happen for those who just get recovery after suffering a chronic disease and their body condition is pretty weak after stop of the treatments.

There are several possible reasons contributing to the returning of your symptoms:

(1). Over eating. After long time illness, some people become very weak. They are tired and no strong energy to handle daily life yet, though they no longer have pain. The body needs time to build up inside environment for continuous healing. At this phase of healing, over eating put heavy burden to your Stomach-Spleen system and exhaust your Qi (we call is zhong Qi, means the body bio-energy in the middle part of body). The new balance between the defense force (your zhong Qi ) and the disease-causing energy is broken again, so you may feel more tired, fever (body temperature does not increase usually), sweat, insomnia, diarrhea or constipation, or others. This is true especially if you have had fever-related disease or have some problem in your stomach area.

We do not recommend you to have a big meat (such as in a party) during and after the TCM treatment. Ask your TCM doctor if you can. Do not make your own decision based on your feeling.

(2). Over physical activity. Similar to above damage to the zhong Qi by over-eating, too much physical activity, such as gymnastics, work in your yard physically, long time traveling make you tired easily. As you know, our defense system is weak when we are tired. Too much physical activity make you tired and damage your defense system before our body condition comes back to normal level.

(3). Over mental activity. This means stressful study or work. It also includes emotional stress too. What we recommended is to have a peace life for some time, after

 recovery from a heavy illness. Stressful life will of course exhaust your bio-energy to damage your health again. This is true if the original illness is emotional related, such as disorders in menstruation, poor sleep, migraine, or depression.

(4). Over sex. People in the western world have no concept that sex should be restricted to some extent during the life. When we are young, continuous sex every day for some days does not make us feel any tired or discomfort. However, it does not mean that nothing happens in our body by that. Once we get little bit old, say, over 40, or once we have damaged our lower back for some reasons (such as car accident), the previous damage due to over sex will contribute additional damage to our weak lower back or make the current damage severer than other people.

After healing with acupuncture or TCM herbs, many people feel much better from their previous illness and they turn to too much sex. This makes the overall health condition worse, especially if the previous illness is lower back pain.

In Chinese medicine, the lower back is the space that associated to the Kidney system. The Kidney system is associated to our urinary, reproductive ability (libido) and sex ability too. Therefore, over sex will damage the Kidney system so to cause more pain in the lower back.

Here I have to remind our readers that our Kidney system is also associated to the function brain. According to the TCM, over working of the Kidney system (say, the too much sex life, too much pregnancy) may exhaust the brain function, so dementia in old age is strongly suggested associated to the over sex life in young age. I do not mean it is the only reason, but it could be one of the strong reasons, though it is hard to understand from the conventional medicine point of view.