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Results by the Traditional Chinese Medicine




Theoretically Traditional Chinese Medicine can also, be used to treat both acute and chronic diseases, even if the disease may have been there for life, or from the birth.

Comparing with conventional medicine, the clinic effects of the Traditional Chinese Medicine has following characteristics:


(1). The clinic effect is largely depending on the clinic experience and skills of your doctor.

As we mentioned in this web, the clinic effect of a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor is affected by his education chance, his personal perception to this medical art, the number of the years of the clinic work, and the current emotional influence to patients. On the contrary, in the conventional medicine, the clinic results are much similar from doctor to doctor or from hospital to hospital, since once the diagnosis is established, the doctors have to follow the same guidelines for the treatment. The exception is in the surgical treatment, which is more depending on the clinic experience of the doctor and the hospital facility.

(1a). His skill is affected by his education

People can learn the Traditional Chinese Medicine from college or university education, but he/she can also learn it from his family (heritage knowledge passing), from other masters, or by himself. It does not at all true that the students educated in the Traditional Chinese Medicine have higher or stronger clinic ability, especially it is not so now a days due to the wrong education system in China (Even in China!). Traditional Chinese Medicine needs hand-by-hand teaching, face-by-face learning. This medical art can not be learn well from the text books in the Classroom. When we teach the art of tongue diagnosis or pulse diagnosis, we need to let our master/teacher show us each different tongue or pulse. We need to learn when to establish the diagnosis based mostly on the tongue or only on the pulse or on both.

People who learned the Traditional Chinese Medicine from his father or father’s father, are usually more skill in clinic than those who is only educated from text book. However, we should also know that someone may claim that his parents or grand parents are also Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, but he may not spend even hours with his parents in clinic!

(1b). His skill is affected by his perception to Chinese Philosophy

Chinese Medicine is a part of Chinese Culture, which is related to unique ways of old Chinese to analyze and to understand the universe and meanings of the life. He should be more sense to the meaning of the concepts of Yin and Yang, the Five-element theory, the Ba Gua prediction, and so on. In another words, the one who is used and more stick to the modern scientific thinking is hardly to be a good doctor in the Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

(1c). His skill is affected by the years of clinic work

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a practical work. Each patient is different in the eye of the Traditional Chinese Medicine. The clinic works allow the doctor accumulate experience every day. If my friends have a disease, I will much more suggest them to go to a clinic doctor than a teacher who only teaches the text book.

(1d). His clinic effect is affected also by how patients believe or trust him

This is also a very important factor contributing to the healing result. It is well known that even if using exactly the same herbs, the clinic effects of a famous doctor could be more dramatic than a young doctor. Positive attitude of a patient to the doctor affect the clinic result. Therefore sometimes, a doctor may refuse to treat a patient if the patient is more doubt to his treatment. God only helps those who want to be helped.

All of these factors suggest that if your current doctor fails to help you, you still have chance to see other doctors for help.

(2). It is misunderstanding that the Traditional Chinese Medicine can only be used to solve chronic diseases.

Due to the expanding and development of conventional medicine in the world, including in China, the ability of the Traditional Chinese medicine in the dealing of emergency and acute disease is hidden and is used less and less.

Historical and current clinic experience clear indicates that Traditional Chinese Medicine is good at treating emergency conditions, such as coronary heart disease, shock, or coma. It is also good to reduce high or extremely high fever, acute abdominal conditions, bleeding, etc. In many cases, the fever might be so high and so difficult in clinic that no matter how we try to reduce it by any means of conventional medicine, it just keeps high. Chinese medicine works well to reduce it. Also, as my experience, in acute condition such as in a intestinal obstruction, acupuncture works well and allows the avoid of surgical intervention!

The Traditional Chinese Medicine can also be used to solve various chronic diseases, auto immune disorders, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, AIDS… The use of herbs avoids the side effects of long term use of adrenocorticosteroids.

Traditional Chinese Medicine pays much attention to patient subjective feelings. It can start the treatment without the need of any concrete findings from chemical (lab test) or physical examinations (X-ray, CT or  MRI). This is different from the conventional medicine, in which a specific treatment can not start without a clear diagnosis. Traditional Chinese Medicine can always find a diagnosis and start the treatment! It looks the patient as human being. If you feel pain, tightness, numbness, spasm, diarrhea, constipation, insomnia, or any other suffering, this medical system admit it, and believes that you are suffering, and start to solve your problem. It never says that “you have no problem”.

(3). Clinic effects depend on the braveness of the doctor too

It is well known that, in conventional medicine, pain killer mostly reduce the pain suffering, but does not solve the problem.  This is also true some how in the Traditional Chinese Medicine that the clinic results can be classified into several level: temporary releasing, short term releasing, or radical cure.

If patient has pain, for instant, the Traditional Chinese medicine can work to release the pain, just as you may use any pain killer. The difference is that, with the Traditional Chinese Medicine, the pain is reduced at the same time with the reduce of inflammation, improve of local blood circulation or other changes in the diseased area of the body, while the pain killer mostly works to block the signal conduction to and back from the brain system. More kinds of the medicine may be needed, such as anti-biotics, even adrenocorticosteroids is needed to reduce inflammation. No matter with the use of Chinese herbal therapy or with the use of various conventional medicine, the sufferings of patient can be released for a movement. This can be usually seen in the treatment of arthritis. The pain may be released for hours, days, or months.

In most cases, the herbal therapy or acupuncture works and the symptoms will not come back later the life. We can well tell that it is cured. However, in some other cases, such as with chronic nasal sinusitis, or allergic nasal sinusitis, the Traditional Chinese Medicine can help to reduce the symptoms. The symptoms stop for the current year. It seems that we can see that the Traditional Chinese Medicine works. However, the problem comes back next year. People still have to repeat their sufferings later next year: running nose, stiffness in nose, continuous sneezing, running tears. In common situation, we well say that, the treatment works, but can we say that the disease has been “cured”?

You may ask me if there is really a cure treatment for this year after year illness. You or your family members may really have such allergic problems. We can tell you that, the answer is very positive, but it depends on if your doctor is well-knowledgeable enough and brave enough to really risk something.

What do I mean if your doctor is well knowledgeable? I mean if he only learned the Traditional Chinese from text book, or if he really studies (I mean studied!) the Traditional Chinese Medicine bible (the name of the book is “Huang Di Nei Jing”) and really let the concept in this book guide his clinic work. I also question if he is brave enough, since we know well that for some kinds of treatments, the doctor has to risk some unpleasure sufferings created to the patients during the treatment.

One of the example for this risk is when we apply some kinds of herbal therapy, the patient may experience sweating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Though we know that these are the sweating therapy, vomiting therapy, vomiting therapy, or diarrhea therapy to move the disease out of the body, it cause extra suffering to the patients. We have to explain this to the patients and we also need very close monitor to the extent of the sweating, vomiting, or diarrhea. Over sweating, vomiting, diarrhea may worse the current disease. One of the another interesting things is that, we can use the Traditional Chinese Medicine to transfer the inside disease (or abscess), such as liver abscess, lung abscess, abdominal abscess, etc. to the outside on the skin, and then treat it on the skin. It makes the treatment easier and the response to the treatment more observable, but we have to let patient know what is happening.

Sometimes, along with the improvement of the body defense system, which we call it the Yang energy, our body starts to correct the current disease. But, it may not only correct the current problem which bothers the patient more, but also the previous illness, though it may not show any clinic symptoms at the movement. For example, if there is a patient who suffers from cough and chest pain. With the treatment the cough and chest pain subsided but the patient start to feel sneezing, or cold feeling on his knees. It seems that his previous sinusitis and arthritis on the knees come back after taking the treatment. The patient may not be able to understand that his previous sinusitis and the arthritis actually were not cured at all. They are still there. Now, after the cure of the current cough and chest pain, his body has stronger ability to solve the hidden sinusitis and the arthritis. Without knowing and understanding such possibility, the patient may quit the treatment and think that the feelings on his nose and the knee might be the side effects of the herbs!

This kind of situation may be more easily happened with the use of the so called “Huo Sheng Pai” therapy. This is a group of doctors who believes that the warm energy of the body, e.g. the Yang energy, is the most important and the leading factor to the health. Our body Yang energy is frequently affected by the use of antibiotics and the hormone therapy in the conventional medicine, and also by that of Qing Re Jie Du herbs (these are groups of herbs with the effects of reducing fever and functioning as antibiotics) in the Traditional Chinese medicine by ordinary doctors. They believe that, without warm up the Yang energy again, the release of the disease is only a temporary phenomenon. But, with the warm of the Yang energy, the hidden diseases in the body may come out one by one again, though the pain and the sufferings are not exactly the same level compared with the previous time with the diseases. The more risk with such therapy is that the doctor has to use much higher amount of some kinds of herbs, with the amount much exceeds the government-established guidelines for the use of the herbs. The maximum use of the herbs might be just about 20 grams, but in clinic, it has to be used to 200 grams! Who dares to break the rule?

Now it is the time for the doctor to decide, if he wish to take this risk in his carrier – if he really knows how to practice such therapy!