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How many hours you should sleep?


How many hours you and me should sleep? You may need 8 hours, and I may need only 6 hours. Someone even does not need any hours sleeping. You are surprised? Yes, there is someone who do not need any hours sleep everyday for many years. Why? This is because you are you and I am I. Each one is different.

There is a mark to tell how many hours you need to sleep. If you feel fresh, not tired in the morning after sleeping, the time of the sleeping is enough for you. If you still feel drowsy, you may need more hours sleep. However, I have to point out that, if such condition applies to you and you feel such morning tiredness for a long time, there is something wrong in your body. Simply having longer time sleeping is not the solution. I am sure that you have tried that. Right? This is true if you feel tired all of the day with cold hands or feet.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we recommend that people sleep according to the circle of the nature. One should sleep longer during winter. You should go to bed early and get up later. In summer, you should sleep less. Just follow the sun set and sun rise. We recommend you to change your sleeping pattern starting from the Winter. If you did so in winter, you will feel easier to have less willingness and desire to sleep in summer. Other wise, if you start to sleep less in summer, I am sure it is very hard for you to have nice physical and emotional ability during the day without long time sleep. No matter you realize or not, our body follows the circle of nature. We, human being, are still animal species, not superman.

The hours needed for sleeping is age-related. Do you notice that, kids need longer hours than us adult? 

So, don’t worry if you have had the same long time to sleep as others. Follow your own pattern. Don’t be misled by the saying that ‘one needs at least 8 hours sleeping…’. You know your body how long time you need. Other wise, to prolong your sleeping hours, you may go to doctor and get pills that may cause some side effects that you actually can avoid it.

Again, if you still feel tired after long and long hours sleeping, you need to go to your doctor, especially TCM doctor. They know well how to help you.