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How to find a good western medical doctor


To tell how to find a good western medical doctor, it should be pointed out that we are talking about the doctors in the surgical department or in the non-surgical department, such as doctors in the internal medicine, pediatric, or similar department.

Surely to find a good doctor in surgery, you need to know if the doctor has performed the similar operation before and with high success rate. You may have to go to different city or country to find one, no matter if the doctor is in Canada, US, China, or Sweden. No one can tell that doctor in a given country is better than in others.

A good doctor in internal medicine, or a good family doctor, should:

(1). tend to apply less lab tests, X-ray, MRI, Can scan, etc. to establish their diagnosis. They should listen to your complain and make a correct diagnosis before such harmful or costly tests.

(2). tend to use less drugs for the treatment, or to use other as simple way as possible to solve your problem, such as diet consulting, correct physical exercise, etc. They are so hesitated to apply hormones (cortisone, thyroid hormone, or sexual hormone products) or suggest surgical therapy. They tend to lower the dose of the drugs, rather than try to increase the dose or to use much more kinds of drugs.

In another way, they should not only play the drugs, but also apply emotional therapies, etc. They should try to reduce their transference rate to a ‘specialist’, rather than so eager to push you away to someone else.

(3). pay less attention to talk the theory (diagnosis), but focus on the solution of the illness (treatment). If they make a diagnosis but cannot solve it, what is the use of their diagnosis to you? The diagnosis term only pleases themselves, but meaningless to you. If they indeed focus on the solution, they should be open-minded to welcome different means to solve your illness.

It is well known that without a clear diagnosis, no treatment can really be started in the conventional medicine. It is not the weakness of a given doctor, but a systematic weakness of the medical system.

Good luck.