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Don’t use ice patch again and again


 In our clinic, we found that many people here in North America use ice patch to reduce pain. They use it again and again and they claim that it is asked by their family doctors or they tried themselves.

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is a wrong practice.

It is true that the use of ice patch on your painful spot may reduce the pain. It works however only short time. It only blocks the pain feeling for a while. You may already know that the pain comes back again.

In TCM, ice patch brings the Cold to the local spot. It is as to create a winter in the local spot. For a long time, it reduces the Yang Qi flow to the spot and makes the problem prolong for long time. Yang Qi here works as the sun shine to the earth. We need it to improve the blood circulation to speed up the healing, as the sun shine to improve the growth of plants on the earth. Our life is not only depending on the mass (the muscles, the bones, the blood, etc.), it is also depending the proper amount of the Yang Qi to activate all of the body functions, such as heart beating, breath, signal transduction, etc. It is a different way to look at the body structure and function.

Yes, we also use ice patch in clinic. It is only used once there is a bruise to stop swelling. Even at the time, the ice patch is used only for a short time, say, no longer than half hour.

If you want to follow the TCM therapies, you should know this. If you want to follow the conventional medicine, then you can stick to what they want you to do. You can test the difference by yourself.

Good luck.