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Live without cancer mass but short life, or live with cancer but no pain?


It is still a very big challenge to the medical professionals to treat a patient with cancer. Though the chemotherapy and radiation therapy are definitely highly toxic (they are to kill the cancer cells!) and have lots of side effects, the healthcare authority dares not to ban their use in the clinic (they want to ban the use of vitamins and herbs!). Surgical therapy might work, but it works if the cancer is still in early stage and limited to use in some kind of cancer only (not in leukemia, for instance), and has risk that the cancer may come back or grow in different spot of the body later after the surgical operation.

Once a patient is suggested to have above therapies, it means that he may be “cured”, if the cancer is still in early stage, or he may have to suffer from severe side effects due to the therapies and still cannot avoid die. This is because the healing effect by the current medicine is the five year survival rate, not the cure rate. No one can sure that the cancer is cured after any of above therapies. None of the above therapy really touches the reason for the cancer. They regard the cancer as a “local’ disease, rather than a signal of a whole body disorder.

Now let’s see how the Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) herbal therapy works in the cancer treatment.

There are several results for the herbal therapy (I do not mean any herbal therapy – the North America herbal therapy, or aromatherapy, or any other kinds of herbal therapies, such as Ayuvedic):

(1). The cancer shrink and disappear – if the cancer is in early stage. The success rate is equal to or even better than the conventional therapies, but no severe side effects.

(2). The cancer does not reduce in its size but stops to grow – the five year survival rate is higher than the conventional therapies. It is what we call the cancer-bringing life. The cancer is still in the body of the patient but he can handle his daily life and work without cancer press syndrome or toxic syndrome. Therefore, the patient lives longer, compared with the life if he takes the conventional therapies.

So, what kind of life you prefer? You choose to remove the mass of cancer from the body, but lives shorter time – due to toxic side effect or failure of surgical operation? In this case, the cancer mass is not there, so you may feel “safe”, but no one sure that you will no longer have new cancer later. Or, you may choose to live with the cancer mass there but it does not grow any longer, even shrink slowly?

This is critical question for those of patients who have already suffer from other severe disease condition, such as heart failure, kidney failure, liver failure, very poor physical conditions due to other diseases but diagnosed as having cancer too.

It is your idea now.