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Work with your TCM doctor for better healing effects

Traditional Chinese Medicine needs cooperation between the patient and the doctor. We do not treat you as a car. We need our clients to tell us their exact feeling about their disease, and taking our suggestion. We also believe that a trust feeling, and a strong hope to recover with the help of the doctor is also a strong healing power.

Many people now take vitamins, minerals, or other healthcare products by themselves for months or years without any apparent improvement feeling about their symptoms. If we ask them why they continue to take something for so long time if they could not find any good feeling or finding, subjectively or objectively, the answer usually is, " I wish something good happen", or "I have no other choice to improve my condition". Now, you are trying traditional Chinese medicine, and we recommend you stop taking any other vitamins, minerals, or other healthcare products, especially if they are not recommended by your conventional doctor. You are going to take Chinese herbs and/or acupuncture to solve your problem. You do not need to make the therapy complex, interfere with each other, or waste you money and time on something you have stick to it for a long time. If your TCM doctor thinks that you do need it, they will tell you.

This is true, if the herb influences your sweat, bowel movement, or urinate. We recommend you also not sit long time in front of fire, or sleep in an electric mattress to warm your body, when you have the cold. Your symptoms may become worse if you do not pay attention to it.

We frequently found that some people want their TCM doctors to focus on their most suffering, such as pain, while not want to talk more about their other physical conditions.

Don't do it that way!

We should know that the diagnosis of a disease by a TCM doctor is very different from a western medicine doctor. They are two different medical systems needing different clinic information to make their own diagnosis. What a diagnosis in the western medicine may cover several TCM disease, and on the other hands, TCM diagnosis may cover several disease defined by the Western Medicine. For example, a gastritis defined in Western Medicine may be Qi deficiency, blood stagnation, Liver congestion, or phlegm accumulation, or food congestion in TCM. A condition of Liver stagnation in TCM may refer to stomach pain, diarrhea, emotional disturbance, poor sleeping, bitter taste in mouth, dry throat, or disturbance in women period.... Though the clinic picture is so scattered, the formula used in the TCM for the treatment is simple. This is why a single TCM herbal formula may correct many apparently not related clinic conditions.

To match the need of your TCM doctor for their diagnosis, you simply answer his questions truly. Do not exaggerate or try to hide your feelings in your body. Some times, the meaning of a dry mouth could be different from feeling thirsty. Pain that becomes worse in the afternoon could bear different meaning as pain in the morning. Many other things as such like: feeling hot versus feeling cold; with sweat versus no sweat; sweat in the whole body versus only in the head; want to eat only before each meal versus feel hungry all the time; feel hungry and eat lots versus can not eat lot; poor sleep meaning difficult to fall into sleep versus easy to wake up;......

For Western Medicine, the diagnosis largely depends on the objective findings with the use of chemical analysis of blood, urine, or other body fluids; the X-ray, the Can Scan; the MRI, or DNA detection in recent year. For TCM, the doctor will see your tongue, feel your pulse, and again, need to know your subjective feelings as well. This is why many times a Western Medicine doctor feels hard to treat a clinic condition without clear chemical and/or physical abnormal findings in your body, but the TCM can. To TCM doctor, if we have already found something wrong physically (from X-ray or MRI or Can Scan), it means too late. Any diseased condition will affect the function of our body first, then the structure. A good doctor should solve the disorder early before it affects the body structure.