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Which way for weight loss is the best?


There are many remedies in the market for weight loss. Each works for someone but not for all. People usually confuse why a method works for others but not for themselves. People even do not know what is the difference among the remedies for their benefit and weakness. Here is the data collected for the most popularly used remedies in the healthcare market. Wish it useful for you to make your decision before you start to loss your body weight.

(1). Drugs. The drugs used for weight loss work to inhibit the nervous center. It makes people loss appetite or have frequent urine.

Goodness: You can keep original life style. You do not need to try hard to restrict your appetite.

Disadvantage: The drug could cause side effects, such as stomach bloating, pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite, etc.  The returning rate (e.g. the body weight returns to original level, even higher than the original level, after stop of the drugs), is pretty high after stop of it.

(2). Fasting. By coming into a specially designed fasting program, one has less supply of the nutrition, so the body consumes the fat tissue to lose weight. It is actually also a kind of de-toxic process.

Advantage: you do not need to pay much.

Disadvantage: Normal life pattern is broken. People have to suffer from very hungry feeling. Long term of fasting may cause disorders in nutrition, affect body development and reduce the effect of immune system. It is therefore hard to keep doing.

(3). Surgery – suction. Remove the fat tissue in the stomach area to lose the size of the fat tissue quickly. Yes, this is the quickest way to allow you lose body weight.

Advantage: Lose weight very fast.

Disadvantage: Cost is very high. Returning rate is very high too, since it does not correct the reason for the gain of the body weight. There could be life threatening risk – micro-fat block of the blood vessels in the body. Also, the stomach area is the place where our body store extra fat. If we remove the fat cells there, where the body will deposit the extra fat, in the blood vessels, or somewhere else? Therefore, the long term effect of the surgical suction needs very careful study before it is used in the market. I wonder if the surgeon really did “large scale, random clinic study” (this is typical request when the conventional medicine quest other remedies beside themselves).                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

(3). Surgery – intestine/stomach removal. Reduce nutrition absorption by cutting of some part of stomach or intestine, or by making a short-cut in the small intestine.

Advantage: Lose weight quickly without you doing anything.

Disadvantage: Cost is very high. Side effects are high: stones in kidney, bile gladder, intestine, arthritis, loss of hair, anemia, damage of liver function, etc. I don’t understand why people want to come to choose this procedure simply for loss weight.

In Chinese Medicine, organs in the stomach area, e.g. the stomach, the small and large intestine, bladder, uterus, etc., are all the “second brain” in the body. When there is trouble in the organs here, one’s mind function, such as memory, speed of mind, level of conscience, etc. are affected. Herbs work in this area also work for these functions of the body. I strongly doubt that someone with his/her intestine cut can have long time of mind work (such as studying, reading, political arguing, discussion, talking, etc.) as others.

(4). Physic warm by using low frequent wave instrument, or others.

Advantage: Lose weight quickly without you doing anything.

Disadvantage: What it removes is water, not the fat tissue. Some may not be able to tolerate the heat if their body constitution belongs to Fire.

(5). Salt application. Apply salt on the surface of the body then massage it. It absorbs water and/or micro-fat from the body so to reduce the body weight.

Advantage: It is safe.

Disadvantage: Time-consuming and heavy work for the practitioner.    

(6). Restricting belt. Wear a broad belt around the stomach.

Advantage: It makes you look slim.

Disadvantage: It may cause various side effects because it presses the stomach and/or pelvic organs. The side effects could be constipation, disorder of menstruation, short of breath, and skin shrink. It is neither good for the function of blood circulation. Again, it is not at all a natural way to solve the problem. It does not work on the reason that causes the gain of the body weight, so the returning rate is high.

(7). Exercise, including Yoga. Lose weight by speeding up the exhaust of body energy.

Advantage: Cost less money if you do not go to a spa or to a yoga school, since you do not need expensive equipment of serve stuff to help you.

Disadvantage: They are time-consuming process anyway. You have to be very patient to do it for a long time and have to continue doing it. Otherwise, the return rate is high if you stop. Most people cannot hold on to do it for long time. The retreat rate is high. It seems effective for fat in the stomach, especially in the lower stomach, but not for fat tissue in hip.

(8). Chinese herbal therapy. Here it means the use of herbs prescribed by TCM practitioners, not means the use of lose weight tea that you buy in the market. Various herb formula is used for each individual according to the reasons of weight gain. So, it means that the loss weight is a process of TCM medical treatment.

Advantage: The return rate of body weight is much less. Along with the weight loss, your overall body condition is also improved, since the weight loss should be part of whole body healthcare. For instance, along with weight loss, you may feel calm in emotion, energized, improved sleeping, reduced appetite, regular bowel movement, brighter face, etc. You turn to normal in many aspects.

Disadvantage: You need to find a qualified TCM doctor. The herbs taste not as pleasure as ordinary green tea. You have to tolerate it. The progress of the weight loss might be slower. You have to pay for the treatment.

(9). Acupuncture.   

Advantage: No side effects, except for some little pain due to the needles. The return rate of body weight is much less. Similar to the herbal therapy above, along with the weight loss, your overall body condition is also improved. You turn to normal in many aspects.

Disadvantage: You need to find a qualified TCM doctor. You have to tolerate the pain due to the needles. The progress of the weight loss is largely variable depending on the skills of the participators. You have to pay for the treatment.

(10). Chinese weight loss massage.   

Advantage: No side effects. You do not need to do anything. With a qualified practitioner, you can experience a reduction of about 1.5 to 2.5 kg of body weight within a one-hour massage.

Disadvantage: You need to find a qualified massage practitioner. The progress of the weight loss is largely variable among the participators. Those whose fat tissue is originally soft might get benefit more and quicker. You have to pay for the treatment.

(11). Chinese herbal tea.   There are lots of brands of herb tea in the market for weight loss. Most of them work to improve bowel movement. You can call it a de-toxic process.

Advantage: If used properly, the weight loss effect is dramatic. The cost is also minimal.

Disadvantage: If it is not used properly, you may experience too much diarrhea and low boy energy. You should not drink the tea whenever you have flu (or common cold), or if your have had stomach problem such as diarrhea or diarrhea-constipation shift (such as Crohn disease). For people have cold hands or feet, they may feel worse in the hands and feet after drink such tea, because these teas are usually “Cold” in nature in the Chinese herbal therapy.

(12). Hypnosis.     

Advantage: Basically it is safe. It is worthwhile to try. I recommend it along with herbal tea first.

Disadvantage:  You have to find a qualified practitioner. The cost is of course very high.