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More use of cupping


Recent years, there is a movement in the folk to cure their health problem by using the suction cupping.

People use the suction cup repeatedly everyday for from half year to one year. Lot of disease reported to be cured by the single suction cupping therapy. It includes arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, insomnia, chronic fatigue, asthma and even cancer.

It is found that there will be lots of water, abscess-like liquid, even blood coming out from the skin in the suction cup during the cupping. The skin is broken and looks like ulcer. People feel pain very much on the application spot. It can be very pain or very itch too.  

The skin color after the suction cupping tells the nature of the trouble in the body. A red color indicates that there is Fire Xieqi (Xieqi means disease-causing factor) in the body. A black and cold skin suggests that Cold and Wet Xieqi.

To participate this kind of therapy, one needs stronger emotion to tolerate pain and itch during the cupping and more patience to finish the whole healing course, which may need at least half year, depending how many diseases in the body. The more the chronic disease may need longer time. However, it is an alternative therapy towards cure and it costs you nothing to reach the cure.