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How healthy you are – stage of health


Dr. Martin Wang, MD (China), PhD,

R. Acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist

Millwoods Acupuncture Centre, Edmonton


How healthy you are? It sounds a very strange question. Healthy is heathy. It should mean no pain and body functions normal – most people say so.

In TCM, we say that there are different levels of healthy.

Stage I. You are in true health. You have no pain, and anything that affects your daily physical and emotional activity. In this stage, of course, you do not need to go to a doctor, though the doctor in the conventional medicine still needs you to come for vaccination or for annual check for something like breast cancer, for instance. In this stage, you do not show clear body reaction to an invasion of pathological bacteria or virus. Your body performs the defense reaction without your aware (you may only feel a slight sneeze from time to time).

Stage II. You start to have frequent physical troubles. You may have pain here or there, lose appetite, gains body weight, have poor sleep or feel tired. Your doctor may give you various terms that he said it belongs to you as a diagnosis. You need various drugs or healthcare in hospital. You are typical “patients”.

Stage III. After medical treatment, short term or long term, original pain went away. Some people return to the stage I. No pain or any other health trouble. They seem as the same as others resisting attack by bacteria or virus.

Some others may also feel much better than in the stage II, since the health problem in the stage II seems far away from them now. If some of them who cannot handle their daily life in the stage II stage, and they have visited so many doctors, and so many hospitals, now feel no longer need  any help from a doctor. For those, they actually turn to the stage III now.

In this stage, people do not feel as much as healthcare problem as before. They seem have “higher” body defense function, since they even feel not easy to have a sneeze. The previous running nose now running back to the throat. They do not feel fever as before when they catch cold but only feel tired and want to have a sleep. Their hands and feet feel cold and seems easy to have more times of bowel movement with little intake of cold food or beverage.

If this is you, you are in danger! It means that your body has been so weak so that it lost normal reaction to the environment. Your body has even no ability to remove bacteria out of your body through sneezing! Most life threatening diseases, say, cancer and AISD, are developing in this stage. This is the stage we call it “Yang deficiency” stage. This is the stage in which most doctor will tell you that you are ok, since it is the common result after conventional chemical drug treatment. No bacteria or virus can be detected in your body. This is true. But you are not as the same as people in the stage I. We also call it “sub-health” condition.

People in the stage III usually:

desire to spicy food, such as hot pepper, garlic, onion;

prefer warm or hot drinks;

easy to have ulcer in mouth and have sour throat but no fever;

easy to have diarrhea with little stomach pain, or easy shift to constipation;

urine is slow and clear as pure water;

cold in feet and hands, but hot at night;

easy to catch cold or flu but no fever;

frequent onset of allergic reactions, such as skin rash, asthma, sinus problem;

easy to have sweat after mild physical or emotional works;

easy to have palpitation, short of breath;

pale or dark or black color in lips;

have purple or black tint in the tongue;

have white or black tongue covering;

feel chronic fatigue, drowsy in daytime;

feel less ambitions for work and life;

be sensitive to temperature, hard to tolerate cold or hot; loud music or smell;

tend to have less talk, or have low voice in talk;

for women, the discharge is more and white in color but without strong odor.;

pulse feels weak or deep;

Once people live in the stage III, it means that their body defense system is too weak to react to  the attack by a pathological factor. The bacteria or virus can just come into the body to multiply; the dead tissue can just continue to release toxin into the body; … the cancer cells can just grow freely.

This is very dangerous stage for us. Whereas most of us are now in this stage.

Stage IV:

Without proper treatment, people in the stage III might have following strong clinic manifestations:

Sudden hot feelings or sweat in head, hands, feet, mouth or any part of the body;

Part of body feels extremely cold or hot. For instance, patient may feel very cold in the head and no way to stop it. Or he may feel extremely hot, as hot as burning session, in the feet.

Sudden swelling in the face with blue or purple color on the face. Patient feels heavy in the body, feels whole body floating once closing the eyes.

Feels very colorful lights in the eye, with extremely short of breath;

Sudden swelling in the eyes so that the eyes seem to protruding. Extreme headache, short of breath, mouth lips being black or purple;

Sudden swelling on the back of the ear with very high fever, extreme pink color on the check; not dry in mouth and tongue turning purple;


Extremely itch in the ear;

No stop of running nose; sneezing;

Feels cold every day on the noon, with heavy stomach pain, but turns easy at middle night;

Not stop of burping with extreme drowsy;


There could be lots of extremely strange clinic manifest for people in this stage. It is a life-threatening stage. The reason for this clinic picture is that the Yang Qi in the body is to escape from the body. Without the Yang Qi, the body is dead body.

This is the stage in which conventional medicine most probably make wrong diagnosis or feel hard to make a diagnosis, and an inexperienced TCM doctor tends also to give a wrong treatment.

So much stranger clinic manifests suggest that our body Yang Qi has been dramatically exhausted (in Stage III) and followed by the Yin in the body now (Stage IV). The Life energy, which is usually stored in the body (kidney system) now tends to leave the body, since there is not enough Yin in the body now. If it tries to leave from throat, people feel sudden pain and swelling in the throat; if it tries to leave from anus, people feel sudden enlargement of the hemorrhoid or feel terrible burning feeling in the colon. Without knowing this, doctors may misdiagnose it as acute infection there and give anti-biotic (or cold herbs). This will only speed up the death of the patients.

Change of the health stage under a proper treatment

In the TCM, there is a phenomenon that the healthy stage could reverse under proper treatment. For example, the stage II can reverse to stage I, to a complete healthy stage. This is not at all new to you.

But, reversion from stage III to the stage I, people may feel that they start to have pain here and there in the body, though the current healthy problem has been solved. For instance, a patient comes for TCM treatment since he suffered from diarrhea for a long time. The TCM helped him and his diarrhea stop. However, he starts to have headache which he did not have it for a pretty long time. This means that his health stage reversed from stage III back to stage II now. This is because his overall body condition has been improved. He has more Yang Qi in the body now, which starts to clear the old problem he have had before. Usually the new illness that occurs after stage III treatment is the same one the patient has had before. So, if this happens to you, you should be surprised or disappointed. We should congratulate you that your body condition is better than before since it has more energy to “clear” old and hidden problems in your body. No pain not gain.

Because of the concept of the health stages, a healing crisis is also regarded as the middle step towards true recovery of health. Healing crisis means that one feels more pain or the original disease seems worse after a TCM treatment. It usually lasts for only several hour or half day to one day. After that, one feels much better. Not everyone needs to pass such healing crisis. In our experience, there is about five percent of people having such experience.