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TCM treatment of AIDS in China (review)


The treatment of AIDS is still a huge international challenge to medical society. It is still a big risk to the modern life up to year 2009.

The most popular way for the treatment of AIDS with western medicine is so called HAART therapy. It is a combination use of several anti-AIDS drugs. It is well known that the goodness of the HARRT therapy is to reduce the number of virus in blood. However, the strong weakness of it is

(1), very high costs (as most of western medicine – results of business needs); no matter for the time being to control the clinic condition or for life long intake for prevention (it is no cured with the HAART therapy);

(2), very high drug resistant rate after three to five years’ drug intake; Once it happens, treatment program needs to be changed with much difficult.

(3), very poor improvement of overall clinic symptoms, though the virus number is low in blood;

(4), high infection rate. The infection occurs here and there, again and again. Doctors are forced to treat various infection problems. The total death rate does not reduce with the use of the HAART therapy at all, since the reduction of virus number in blood does not mean that the patient immune system has been well restored.

(5), very high side effects with the use of the western medicine drugs, which makes patient resisting to continue it;

(6), some patients are not suitable to take the western medicine treatment (black zone of patients), such as patients with deficiency in liver and kidney, or patients with allergic reaction to the drugs. For those of patients, they seem to have to wait to die!

Pretty soon, the voice to ask the Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) doctors to come into the treatment becomes higher and higher. After year 2003, TCM comes into its trying program. So far, with the experience in more than 5000 patients, it is summarized that TCM is very effective in the treatment of AISD.

(1). It is very effective to control clinic symptoms, the pain, the ulcer, the infection, and the weakness (fatigue). The clinic effective rate can be up to 90%. After treatment for several months, majority of patients can return to normal life and even start to usual work. The total death rate has been much reduced with TCM therapies.

(2). It is with much less rebound rate. No as with western medicine treatment, the treatment with TCM, once comes into clinic cure stage, hardly return back to previous serious condition again.

(3). Any patient can be treated with the TCM therapies, no matter if the patients with liver deficiency, kidney deficiency. There are hardly to find patients who are allergic to herbal therapy. So, there is no “black zone” for patients to take the TCM therapy.

(4). It is very cheap. The cost with the TCM therapy is much less than with western medicine.

The weakness with TCM treatment is the fact that it does not reduce the number of virus in blood as effective as the western medical ways. It seems work to prevent the further increase of the number of virus in blood, to increase the CD4 cells so improve the immune system, though the clinic picture turns very effective. It should be point out that it is hard to tell from the number of virus in blood whether the virus is completely “disappeared” from the body, since many times there is virus that hidden and remained in some body tissue, such as lymph node, to escape the killing by anti-AISD drugs. This is why the western medicine can hardly declare that the disease is cured based on the reduced number of virus in blood. This is also why the  rebound rate with the treatment with western medicine is very high.

Such clinic situation is very similar to the treatment of cancer: the five-year-survival rate is much high and the symptoms is much improved with the TCM therapies though the size of the cancer is reduced slower with the TCM therapy, compared with the western medicine. In this case, it supports the comment that the western medicine is good to treat “disease”, whereas the TCM is good to treat “human being”.