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Acupuncture of Dr. Fang You-an (China)


Topic on this part:

1. Brain three-point

2. Post Taiyang point.

3. Shendao point.

4. Tianzhu and Tianding.

5.  Direction of the needle feeling on the points on Ren meridian.

6. Proper way to acupuncture Jingming point.


1. Brain three-point

The three acupuncture points are all located in Du meridian.  They are Qiangjian, Naohu and Baihui. Point Naohu has been indicated not to be used in acupuncture, but I find that it is not true at all. In a combination with the use of Qiangjian and Baihui, the three points can be used for the following clinic conditions:  

(1). For dementia due to arthrosclerosis in elderly patients. I have tried for no less than 200 such patients. After acupuncture for some time, most patients showed improvement in symptoms. For early stage and for mild cases, acupuncture for 10 to 20 can make the patient more motive with more rich face feeling expression.

(2). For child brain diseases (including child poor development in brain, or post syndrome of brain infection). I tried also no less than 200 cases. Mental ability of the acupunctured child are improved with different degrees.

(3). For epilepsy. With acupuncture, the onsets become less and less until complete stop. I had several tens of cases.

(4). For Sydenham chorea disease, depression, insomnia, neurasthenia.

In practice, you can let patient lies down. The tip of acupuncture needle is towards back, and insert about 3 – 4 cm (shorter for children). It is found that the clinic effect is better compared with the Baihu alone, or Baihu point plus Sishenchong points.

2. Post Taiyang point.

It is well known that Taiyang point is good for stop headache. Here the Post Taiyang point is found better than the Traditional Taiyang point. The post Taiyang point is located on the side of head, starting from Sizhukong point (the end of eyebrow), move backwards in horizontal to the hair, just the point in the edge of the hair.

It is observed that with headache, the point of the post Taiyang is most painful. When trying acupuncture on the pain point, it is found that the pain killing effect is better than try the Taiyang point.

In practice, let patient lies down facing up. Insert the needle to the hair direction into 4 cm with little twisting. Leave the needle for 30 to 60 min. Acupuncture on both sides of head.

It is also find that, the spinal top of the third thoracic spinal feels pain when pressed in women during period. The level of the pain is parallel to the pain in stomach. Acupuncture on both this point and the post Taiyang point, the pain is released quite quick. When the pain stops, the pressed pain on the spinal top also stops.

3. Shendao point.

Shendao point is located under the fifth thoracic spinal. It is good for release of oppressed feeling on chest. Patient usually tends to have a deep breath to release such feeling. They tend to have long sign too. When press, patient feels pain on this point. Sometimes you can see a higher on this point. Acupuncture on Shendao point works. Try it. Patient can feel quite clear in chest as clear sky after raining.

4. Tianzhu and Tianding.

Tianzhu point (on the upper back of neck) as been fond good for reducing lower back pain and Tianding (on the side of neck) is good for reducing pain on the shoulder.

They work well especially if you can find pressing pain on the spots on the neck of patient. When having acupuncture on Tianzhu, let patient moves lower back little bit. When on Tianding, the needle inserts towards back (the direction of back of the neck). Also moving the shoulder by patient or by the practitioner.

5.  Direction of the needle feeling on the points on Ren meridian.

When treating impotency or Premature ejaculation, the needle feeling should move down, best to the tip of pennies, whereas in the treatment of ganstroptosis, or uterus prolapse, the direction should be towards up.

In clinic, it is difficult to guide the direction. Here is a tip: let patient lie facing up. Acupuncturist stands on the right side. Insert the needle into the chosen points. If we want the needle feeling goes down twist the needle clockwise. If we want the feeling goes up, twist it counter clockwise.

6. Proper way to acupuncture Jingming point.

It is very easy to cause bleeding when acupuncture on the Jingming point (inner corner of eyes). Here is a tip:  Let patient close eye. Use your thumb of your left hand to press the lids on the inner side of the eye. Your thumb should feel the pulse of the artery. Press the artery to the nose side, insert the needle against the nail of the thumb for 4 to 5 cm. If you feel hard to insert deeper when the needle is just about 0.5 to 1 cm, change the direction of needle towards the back bottom of the eye (on the line of the purple, when the eye sees straight forwards). After insert the needle for 4 to 5 cm, let patient open the eye. Leave needle for desired length of time (usually 20 to 30 min).

There are some acupuncture points that are easy to cause bleeding during acupuncture, such as Renyin, Qichong, Chongyang (Zuyangming meridian), Shenmen (shou shaoyang meridian), Tinggong (Shou Taiyang meridian), and so on. Use the same way, pressing the artery aside then to insert needle, there will be no big problem. Once you know this, it is easy.