3d. 大青龙汤

3d. Da Qinglong Tang


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3d. 大青龙汤

3d. Da Qinglong Tang


1. 组成

麻黄 六两, 桂枝二两, 炙甘草  二两, 杏仁  四十枚, 生姜 三两, 大枣 十二枚, 石膏 如鸡子大 (约为 40 , 即二两半)。取微似汗,汗出多者,温粉扑之。一服汗者,停後服。

Mahuang 90 g, Guizhi 30 g, Zhi Gancao 30 g, Xingren   Shengjinag 45 g, Dazao, Shigao 45 g. It is aimed to stimulate slight sweat. If the sweat is heavy, smear powder on the skin. If the sweat is out, stop to drink the remaining herb tea.


2. 治疗作用

2. Function:


Shanghan Lun, paragraph 38: In the Wind-attacked Taiyang stage of Shanghan disease, if the patient has floating-tight pulse, feels fever, chilly and pain in the body, no sweat but annoyed and irritated, use Da Qinglong Tang as the main formula for the treatment. If the pulse is weak and the body has sweat and patient dislikes wind, it should not be used. Otherwise, the patient will have cold hands and feet, have tightness or tingling in the muscles – a wrong treatment.


Shanghan Lun, paragraph 39:  In the Shanghan disease, if the pulse is floating-slow, the body feels no pain but heavy, which is comes and goes, and if there is no sign of Shaoyin stage, use Da Qinglong Tang to release the Xieqi off the body.


Jin Kui Yao Luo    Phlegm, water, and cough, paragraph 23: For spilling-swelling syndrome (swelling as water only in the arms or legs), the sweat therapy should be used. Use Da Qinglong Tang, or Xiao Qinglong Tang.



Comments: For severe nephritis, swelling, asthma, difficulty in breath, all of which are with irritated feeling, this formula works well. If there is swelling but no irritated feeling, herbal formula Yuebi plus Zhu Tang is best choice. The Da Qinglong Tang is good in the treatment of nephritis with swelling. It is not overstated that it works in 100% of cases.


3. 大青龙汤常用于下列疾病:

3. Commonly used diseases:

流感, 急性肺炎, 麻疹, 脑膜炎, 丹毒,以及其它热性疾患; 结膜炎, 角膜溃疡, 风眼等眼科急性疾患; 急性关节炎, 急性肾脏疾病有明显水肿, 浮肿, 及烦躁等; 荨麻疹与皮肤瘙痒症之皮肤严重浮肿及瘙痒.

Flu, acute pneumonia, measles, meningitis, erysipelas, as well as other diseases with fever: conjunctivitis, helcoma, acute arthritis, acute, kidney diseases with severe swelling and irritated feeling, hives and other skin disease with itch, severe swelling, etc.

4. 诊断要点: 表实里热有水

4. Key point for diagnosis

Body surface overwhelming (no sweat), body inside fire (hot, dry, constipation, yellow urine, irritated feeling, etc.) as well as water accumulation (swelling).


5. 大青龙汤用于外感

5. For the treatment of common cold or flu

麻黄汤, 桂枝汤, 大小青龙汤为经方治疗外感的三大方组.

The herbal formulae Mahuang Tang, Guizhi Tang, Da Qinglong Tang and Xiao Qinglong Tang are the main formulae in Shanghan Lun for the treatment of common cold or flu.


Da Qinglong Tang is used in the early stage of Wen disease. Another formula commonly used is Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang.

大青龙汤辩证要点应该为不恶寒, 可发热, 也可不发热, 可有汗, 也可无汗. 如果有反恶热, 或咽干, 或烦躁, 就可大胆使用. 治疗效果远远超过银翘散或桑菊饮.

The condition indicating the use of Da Qinglong Tang is no chilly (no cold-dislike feeling), fever or no fever, sweat or no sweat. It can be used without doubt if there is hot-dislike feeling, or dry mouth, or irritated feeling. In such conditions, it works much better than other commonly used herbal formulae: Yinqiao San or Sang Ju Yin.


6. 大青龙汤用于急性水肿性疾病

6. For the treatment of acute disease with swelling

水肿性疾病包括各种急性关节炎, 皮肤肌肉水肿性疾病, 毒虫蛇蝎狗蛰伤咬伤,急性肾炎或肾盂肾炎有水肿, 急性眼疾等伴有烦躁, 或咽干者. 也常用于内分泌紊乱性水肿, 晨起眼睑浮肿,鼻梁变厚,面和手指发紧,随后乳房发胀不适,腹部膨胀,继而移行到下身,足、踝和小腿明显水肿,至傍晚或夜间活动终了时最明显。天气炎热可加重水肿.

The diseases with swelling include various acute arthritis, skin or muscle swelling diseases; bite by insect, snake, scorpion, or dog; acute nephritis, or pyelonephritis; acute eye diseases with irritated feeling, or dry mouth; disorders in endocrine system with swelling, (the person feels swelling in eye lids in the morning, the stem of nose feels thick, tightness in fingers and face, bloating feeling in breasts, in belly, then swelling in legs, feet, ankles, especially in the evening or after a physical activity. Hot weather may make the swelling worse.

越婢汤: 风水, 汗出恶风畏寒明显, 全身性水肿, 多为肾性水肿.

Yuebi Tang: It is used in the treatment of Wind-Water condition. The patient dislikes wind and fears cold very much, has sweat and has whole body swelling. The swelling is in most cases due to kidney diseases.

越婢加术汤: 风水, 汗出, 脉沉, 小便不利, 亦多为肾性水肿.  

Yuebi plus Zhu Tang: It is also used in Wind-Water condition. The patient has sweat but has difficulty in urination and the pulse is deep. The swelling is also in most case due to kidney diseases.

麻黄连翘赤小豆汤: 发热, 水肿, 小便不利, 多为皮肤病性或肾性水肿.

Mahuang Lianqiao Chixiaodou Tang: The patient has fever, swelling, difficulty in urination. The swelling is in most case due to skin diseases or kidney diseases.

麻黄附子细辛汤: 有表证, 水肿, 脉沉, 属少阴证.

Mahuang Fuzi Xixin Tang: The patient has body surface syndrome (Taiyang stage), swelling, and deep pulse. The condition belongs to Shaoyin stage. 

真武汤:少阴寒化证:新陈代谢低下,水气留滞胃肠, 腹部软弱,因气而膨满,全身倦怠严重。多为慢性水肿及凹陷性水肿。

Zhen Wu Tang: The condition belongs to Shaoyin Cold condition. The patient is with very low level of metabolism. There is water accumulation in the stomach-intestine. The belly is soft and it is bloating due to gas accumulation in stomach. The patient feels very tired. The swelling is mostly chronic swelling and pitting edema.




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