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Acupuncture is not at all a placebo effect

-Errors and mistakes in acupuncture researches in western countries

Dr. Martin Wang, MD. PhD.

Currently, some researchers stated that acupuncture is merely a placebo effect. Theoretically, a placebo effect needs a person (patient) to be clear in mind being able to react to the outside emotional or actual stimulation, able to analyze, to make summary and then to react to the stimulation. A large number of acupuncture researches and clinic reports from China indicated that acupuncture can work on clinic conditions, in which the patient is with almost no, or very weak consciousness, such as coma, shock, dementia, persistent vegetative state. These data strongly suggest and support that acupuncture can work by itself without need to depend on a placebo effect, though a placebo effect could follow ANY medical remedies, including acupuncture, in mind-clear patient. Unfortunately, it is very rare in the western countries to have acupuncture trial on these clinic conditions.


Why you should try Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete medical system, not only a complementary therapy. It has existed for more than five thousand years in China and helped millions of Chinese throughout history treat the assaults of many infectious and non-infectious, physical and emotional diseases. It still helps people avoid various acute and chronic diseases.

A Chinese summary of the success of TCM in the period from 1950 to 2006, during which diseases such as SARS and AIDS came along, has shown that it can be very effective. In April 2007, Chinese Government announced that it will re-emphasize its TCM system, nation wide, as a main healthcare system to solve its daily healthcare crisis and to control spread of infectious diseases. At least in one of the big city zone in China (Shang Hai city), the local government enforces that every community hospital should have TCM services, in addition to the typical Western medical system, to help the treatment of current diseases and for better prevention of disease in the communities. The weakness of the Western Medicine in the prevention of illness has been well recognized. 



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Why you should try our acupuncture?

You should think about us if you did not get help from your current medicine system or from other alternative therapists. This is because we are proud of our high success rate and fast healing effects.  

(1). High success rate: we can help most of our clients to reduce or eliminate  their health problems. This is because we perform complimentary TCM therapies the same time, which include acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, cupping, moxibustion, ear acupressure, bleeding therapy and Chinese massage.

The fact is that only a few of acupuncture clinics in Edmonton have both acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapies, whereas the herbal therapy is the main stream of the TCM therapies. 




When you should come to us?

1. You have tried western medicine for a long time. Your health problem, such as pain, poor sleeping, depression, chronic fatigue,  subsides to some extent but you have to take that chemical drugs years and years.

2. You have to wait for weeks or months for clinic exam, for visiting a "specialist" for further consulting, or for a surgery.

3. When you are very weak with poor sleeping, constipation, lot of sweat, poor appetite or digestion... after a severe disease attack, such as acute inflammation, heart attack, stroke, or a surgical operation.

4. Whenever your family doctor tells or implies that he cannot help you any more, such as for a late stage cancer, MS, paralysis, menopause syndrome...

Remember always come to us see if we can help you in a different way. It is better to have a second opinion. Your life is yours.

Frequently asked questions


1. How can you help me?

We can help you release your physical and emotional troubles by focusing on the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine which includes, but not limited to, the Chinese herbal therapy, acupuncture, massage, cupping, bleeding therapy, ear acupressure, etc.

For some people who fears acupuncture needle, we may use acupressure, acupuncture machine, cupping, etc. for the treatment, though acupuncture with needle works much better.

2. Does Traditional Chinese Medicine mean acupuncture?

Not that. A major part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is herbal therapy. Acupuncture is only a small portion of it. Although acupuncture is also very useful and effective in clinical treatments.
Other remedies in TCM are moxibustion, Tuina (Chinese massage and Chinese style chiropractic), bleeding therapy, cuping, acupressure, ear acupressure and more.

3. What’s difference between acupuncture and acupressure?

They are principally the same, in terms of working on acupuncture points. The difference between these two is the fact that acupuncture is using acupuncture needles – acupressure mostly uses fingers. The healing effect is, of course, better with acupuncture.

4. Acupuncture – is it painful?

Not really. The acupuncture needle is not the same as the one used in hospital to take blood samples or for infusion.

Acupuncture needles are very thin and only pierce a very small area of skin.

Traditionally in acupuncture, the patient needs to feel something, such as numbness, tingling, slight soreness, a little bloating or the feeling of hot or cold during treatment, depending upon the aim of the healing.

5. But… I still fear the needle.

 I completely understand your feeling. To fear needle is not your fault. Some people fears sharp material naturally, such as needle, knife, pin… In this case, we use herbal therapy, therapeutic massage, or cupping therapy. 

6. How often do I need the acupuncture treatment?

It depends on the kind of disease and its severity. Typically in China, the acupuncture is performed once every day for 6 to 10 days as a healing period. With a break of two to three days, the second period starts again if the condition has not fully improved. Based on our years of experience, we recommend acupuncture at least once every two to three days, especially, during the first few weeks for the best healing results. This is especially true with weight loss program and quit smoking program.

7. Does acupuncture mean simply to insert a needle into an acupuncture point?

Not so simple – Acupuncture is a highly professional healing art. To obtain the best healing effect the practitioner manipulates the needle according to the nature and severity of the disease, and the patient should feel something, as tingling, numb, slight bloating, fine electric shaking, light cold or light warm feeling on the spot. It will be excellent in the treatment if you can feel the feeling past to other part of the body, especially to the painful area.

Consideration is also given to the sequence of the needle and the time of treatment (season and time of day). It does not mean that the more needles used, the better the healing effect, nor does it mean that the deeper the needle, the better the healing effects.

8. How long time do we need to see if acupuncture works or not?

To tell if it works and if it cures are different questions. Both are affected by the nature of the diseases and the individual person. Quite often we can have miracles by only one acupuncture (even only with our fingers) for only less than ten minutes and the pain disappears (even permanently) but some times it could be so hard to reduce the pain. Each people is quite different. It depends very much on the person too. Some people have quite good reaction to the acupuncture treatment and the release of pain is so fast that it makes us feel as it is not what we do, but God does.

9. What kinds of clinic conditions are in your clinic that you may have higher effective rate?

In brief, we are much confidence in the treatment of the following clinic conditions: allergy, menopause syndrome, depression/ anxiety, quit smoking, etc.

10. How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture is to stimulate acupuncture point on the body, so to balance or adjust the body function. The functional balancing or adjusting is done and completed by the body mechanism, not by acupuncture needle itself. It stimulates the body functional maintenance mechanism by using needles just as the massage and reflexology do the same thing by using practitioner's finger and as moxibustion therapy using moxa rolls.

It is still a big mystery why it indeed works, despite of the fact that medical researchers all over the world have spend so many years and tried so many different ways to test. Current results could explain some but not all the clinic phenomenon. To us, it is not difficult to understand from the TCM point of view, but it will remain a mystery if we keep the current way to view the structure-function relationship of the body, the nature, and the universe.

11. I have pain, or shoulder stiff, or diabetes, can you help me?

TCM doctor does not work based on the diagnosis of western medicine, just as the western medicine doctor does not work on our TCM diagnosis either. You should know that they are quite different medicine systems, with different view on the body structure and function. A "disease” diagnosed by western medicine may mean several different TCM “diseases" and also a “disease” diagnosed by TCM may be found in 20, 30, or even 50 kinds of “diseases” classified by western medicine. Therefore it is hard to tell if we can help you with your “disease” if it is the medical term told by your western medicine doctor to you.

Also, each person is different in terms of their response to acupuncture or TCM herbal therapy. We cannot say if it works or not without any trying. In our clinic, we normally recommend people to try only 3 to 5 times of treatments, not keeping them for months or years to see if it works or not. People who come to our TCM therapies usually have already given years to try western medicine, so it is not so difficult for them to give us only 3 to 5 times of trying.

Anyway, we list the names of the diseases that TCM may be able to help you: (check here).

12. I have tried other acupuncturists, but not work.

The situation in the TCM practice all through the history is that the personal skills among practitioners are quite variable. It means that if one acupuncturist failed to solve your problem, another one may be so. This is not like the situation in the western medicine, in which if a doctor fails to solve your problem, another doctor in the same department or in a different hospital may not be able to help you either (except for a surgical department).

A lot of reasons contribute to the variations in the TCM practice. It depends on which style of acupuncture and which style of herbal therapy the doctor follows. It also depends on if he/she practices only acupuncture or herbal therapy too; depends on the quality of the herbs (this is not the big problem in the western medicine system), on the years the doctor in clinic work, how often he/she update his/her knowledge and so on.

Therefore we always encourage that, if one TCM doctor cannot help you, you still should try another one. 

One more point to this question is: many times, person's health problem is actually a side effect of the medicine they are taking (such as impotence when people are still taking anti-blood pressure pills), or a result of a failed surgical treatment (such as scar tissue that cause joint spasm), or due to lack of hormones, such as lack of estrogen after removal of ovaries. In this case, you should not expect fast healing effect from other treatment. To prevent such life-long problem, we recommend you to try no-harm therapy first, before you take advice to take something that you may need to take it for ever (medicine for diabetes, blood pressure, hormone disorders, high blood lipids, etc.) or go for a surgery. The practical problem for family doctors is that they do not know how TCM can work as a valuable alternative choice and whom they should refer their patients to.



13. My acupuncture treatment works before but seems worse again.

It should be pointed out that sometimes, it doesn't work well because you may not follow the requirement of your TCM doctor. For example, if he/she tells you do not have too much lifting activity when you have shoulder pain, but you for any reason cannot follow his suggestion. How can you expect it works? Our experience is that something is quite a common sense in Chinese culture, but not in other culture. For example for a person with severe pain, he/she should have a rest at home, not to work. But we find that once summer comes, people in Edmonton are so eager to go out for a distance traveling even if he/she is with terrible pain! No doubt that his/her condition becomes worse after travel rather than improved!

Our most urgent remind to our clients is: when you feel better with our treatment, you should NOT, for some time, over work (physically and emotionally); NOT over eating (no matter what food it is);. NOT have too much sex activity (especially if you have lower back pain)!

14a. Is acupuncture covered under Alberta health insurance?

Not so far. Most people have acupuncture covered under their health insurance plan with other insurance company, such as Blue Cross, Sunlife, Great-West Life, etc. You need to check with your human  resource department or ask your manager which insurance company your company is associated. Depending on the insurance plans, you may be covered for $500, or $1200 per year for acupuncture treatment. Take the  benefit to solve your health problem rather than wait for a treatment later. It may take more efforts to solve your problem later and you have to suffer from it for too long time. Your insurance company should be more happy that you could solve your health problem earlier with less costs than your treatment later costs them a lot of more money. We know that many people waste their benefit every year. 

14b. Do you do direct online claim for acupuncture or massage?

Currently, we can do direct online billing to the following insurance companies: Great West Life, Sunlife, Green Shield, for both acupuncture and massage. For Blue Cross, only for massage, not for acupuncture yet. To ask us to do the direct billing on behalf of you, we recommend you check with your insurance company if they need you a doctors referral (especially with Blue Cross). If they need, you need to send them the doctor's referral first, before you come to us to enjoy the direct billing.

 15. Do you need doctor’s referral to have acupuncture? 

No, we do not need any referral. You can simply pick up phone to make appointment and come for acupuncture or massage treatment. Your insurance company may need it for reimbursement purpose. 

16. How long time is it for each acupuncture treatment?

Usually it needs about one hour. For the first time, it may take little bit longer since we need time for consulting that takes about 10 to 20 min. We do recommend you come about 10 to 20 min earlier than your booked time, since you need to fill up a registration form. Especially during the peak traffic hours, try to leave your home or office earlier.

17. How much does it cost for acupuncture treatment?

You can check the price list here.

18. Do you have acupuncture always the same way?

Not really. The principle is that we may have to use more efforts on acupuncture treatment in the early phase of the treatment. Along with the improvement of your condition, we should reduce the use of needle stimulations. No harm and less harm is our policy.

19. Is there any specific thing I need to care after improvement of my pain?

Yes, you should be care not to have too much physical activities if your original problem is pain in arms, shoulders, legs, lower back… You should not eat too much if your original problem is inside your abdomen. You should have less sex if your pain is specifically in the lower back and in the femoral cavity or if you are still taking some herbs that work to supply more Yang-qi to your body (check with your TCM doctor).

But you can still drive, or have bath after acupuncture. That's ok.

20. What about if I am still taking drugs from my western medicine?

This is a complex question. Basically if the drugs that you are taking are for blood pressure or diabetes, you can still take them. If it is only for sleeping or pain, you may start to reduce the dose but not stop them right away, especially if you have already had them for years. If it is only a vitamin or mineral product, stop it during the acupuncture treatment. For most people, they have already had such supplements for years but the health problem still there. Why you should continue them once you have already started to try TCM treatment? So many times, we asked people to stop such artificial chemicals and they feel much better after one to two days, rather than their condition becomes worse. Our TCM therapy does not need any “help” from other sources. So many times the side effects from the western medicine drugs make our treatment difficult rather than easier.

We have a case in which a woman’s problem is hot flash that is a side effect of estrogen product. She was given it since her two ovaries have been cut off. It turns very hard for us to control the hot flash since she wants to continue the estrogen to “prevent” breast cancer for her family history of that cancer. In such case, how can one expect a fast and excellent result with acupuncture?

21. What about your results?

We are proud of our clinic results. Surely we cannot say that we can help all our clients - we are not God. But we still gets thanks from our clients again and again. Here are some comments.

22. What means "Healing crisis"?

Healing crisis means that, after a treatment, such as acupuncture, massage, herbal therapy, or chiropractor, or physiotherpay, the symptoms become "worse". It means that you may feel more pain, more stiff, or more itch on skin. This pehnomenon can happen to about 5% of patients. The exmplanation for this phenomenon is that the current pain level is the compesatory balance of body structure and function. It is not a normal or natural balance. The treatment starts to break the current "abnormal" balance and improves the body to establish a new, more natural balance now, so that the body feels more pain. Such healing crisis usualy lasts for about half day or one day. Very rarely it will last for more than two days. The bad thing is that people has to suffer from more pain or itch before they feel better, but the good thing is that people with such healing crisis in most case will get better much sooner than those without such healing crisis.

This phenomenon is just as we clean a room. In the beginning, the room can become much mess and even more dirty, but with your conitnue cleaning, the room will become a real clean. 

23. Do you also use herbal therapy the same time with acupuncture ?

Yes, in most cases, we aske our client to drink a cup of herbal tea (Not green tea, of course) before acupuncture. By this way, the herbal tea and the acupuncture work the same time. It makes the healing effect much better and you can get maximum of Chinese medicine each session. Though the herbal tea tastes bitter, but it works well. By this way, you will save lots of time and money, for a long run. Whenever your symptoms are pretty much under control after acupuncture, or if you really cannot tolerate the bitter taste of the herbal tea, we will omit it. No worry at all.



Understand more about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)


Chinese herbal therapy




Ear acupressure

Bleeding therapy
  Prepare for consulting




Side effects

After treatment

Health maintenance


Introduction of TCM

Brief history of TCM

Yin Yang theory

Five element theory

Current situation of TCM

Difference between TCM and CM

Combination of TCM and CM


Healthcare Talks

Understand more about TCM

Work with your TCM doctor

How to find a good TCM doctor

How to find a good western medical doctor

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Introduction of a book

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TCM treatment for AIDS in China (review)

Case reports


Case reports introduced here are for the public to understand what kinds of clinic conditions the Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture) can help, and how fast and how good the results are. It is not for a discussion or sharing our clinic experience with the acupuncturist for how and why we use such therapies. If the reader is an acupuncturist and wants to have a professional skill update, the reader is welcome to visit our “Advance TCM class” version in this website. It is impossible and no need for us to list all of our cases here. If readers want to know if your own condition can be help by the TCM or not, you should know that, whatever reason brings you to your family doctor should also bring you to a TCM doctor.


Case 1.

Maria B. female, 37 ys. (Edmonton). Nose stiffness, chest fullness, hard breath for many years.

Marian complained nose stiffness, chest fullness feeling and hard breath when she came to us. She also suffered from numbness in the left hand, craving feeling for sweat food/cake, chronic fatigue, easy sweat, wave-like emotion, easy to get upset. All for many years. On her first visit to us, January 19, 2009, she was given acupuncture and herbal therapy using Sini San and Gegen Tang. On the second visits, January 21, almost all symptoms are much improved.

Comments: readers will see in this case report that we have lots of cases showing the successful effect of herb formula Sini San in the treatment of chronic fatigue, cold hands and feet, irregular emotion variation, waved hot-cold feeling and so on. There are many such people in current society. According to previous experience in China, herbal formula Xiao Chaihu Tang might be used. However, we found that herbal Sini San works much better than the Xiao Chaihu Tang in such cases. Gegen Tang here used is for nose stiffness.


Case 2.

Sue F. female. 59 ys. (Edmonton), Acid reflux pain for 2 years.

 Sue has acid reflux feeling for two years. She has nausea from time to time. No vomit. Stool tends to be hard and urine is normal. She has no any apparent problem except the pain in the knees that has had joint replacement surgery many years ago. She has tried various medications but the condition remains. Her tongue is thin, young, with very little tongue covering. The pulse is pretty normal.

She came to us on Oct. 23, 2009. She was given acupuncture and herb therapy soon. The herb used is Wei Shu Ning and Zhizi Houpo Huanglian Tang. On the second visit (Oct. 30, 2009), her condition has been much improved. She has nearly no any acid reflux. The bowel movement and urine is normal. She is under maintenance now.

(More reports here)




Advanced TCM education


If you are a practitioner in the alternative medical area, as an acupuncturist, massage practitioner, Chiropractic practitioner, or others, and if you are interested and believe that combination of Chinese herbal therapy would improve your clinic work dramatically, you are welcome to learn and to update your knowledge in the Chinese herbal therapy in the "Advanced TCM Class" part. Start from here, you are at the same starting point as the most of the TCM practitioners, no matter they graduated from or out of China. The case report here should be useful to you to understand the usefulness of the Chinese medicine in clinic work. If you decide to go to an acupuncture school, you need to read the article here first: TCM, its past, present and future.

Clinic experience of other TCM doctors

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TCM newsletters

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Herb introduction

Xiao Qinglong wan

Guizhi tang

Tianwang Buxin Dan

Yanghe tang

Zhengtian wan

Xihuang wan

Jingwanhong lotion

Liushen wan

Hongcao Zhihan keli




Chinese medicine, its past, present and future

Author: Ai Ning (China)

Chapter 1

My mother is a doctor in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

From the time I can remember, my mother was around by a lot of patients. They came and sat down in front of her, speaking nothing, stretching out their arm to her – they wanted her to feel their pulses and tell what was wrong with them. So, she felt their pulse. She felt the left hand, the right one, and looked at their tongues……

It looks as a test. Yes. It is. I guess in the whole world, only the patients in China can dominate the whole medical diagnosis course, though it is them who came to seek help but it is them who tested the ability and skill of the doctor first.

These patients might know nothing about the medicine, but they are the General, or the Master examiner in the whole course, because they knew what is wrong with their body, and they knew the answer to the test.

After assessment, it was the time for my mother to answer the tests. She told out, one by one, the symptom, the patients’ feeling, the reason, the pathological mechanism… The patients listened carefully, smiled along with my mothers talking, and finally said, “Very good, that’s right, you are so good at the pulse feeling! So good! You are my doctor from now. Let's continue with the treatment, please.”

It is no wonder that the Chinese medicine is regarded as a kind of witchcraft by some people in the western world. For western medicine, the doctor asks symptom pretty briefly. He needs more lab tests, X-ray tests, and so on for a diagnosis. Some times, they need to cut some tissue from the body to have a biopsy test. Or, they need to cut and open the abdomen to have a look what’s wrong there. They need to clearly “see” the “disease” before they start any treatment. They regard this a scientific way, a scientific course in medicine, a “right” way to treat a disease. 

For doctor in the Chinese medicine, they will be asked, from the western medicine point of view, did you see the “disease”? This “disease” refers to exact diseased location, the lesion, the virus, the bacteria, e.g. a concrete mass. To them, the “disease” can be seen, can be taken out, and can be tested. If the Chinese medicine cannot ‘see” the disease, the doctor is regarded to “guess” the disease. However, my mother can guess it precisely. She can not only guess the disease by feeling the pulse, but also guess when and what disease will happen in nearly future. On spring, my mother wrote a prescription based on her perception to the weather, the Qi in the nature at that time. She then asked me to prepare the herbs, to prepare the herbal products (the pills, the tablets, the powder, etc.), to make everything ready before the real coming of the disease. She said: it would be too late if we prepare it when the disease real comes. 

On one spring, my mother pushed me to do the same thing. However, in my deep memory is what she told me, that there would be lots of kids ill in that spring. The kids would have fever and asthma. They would have high fever so that their face would be very red in color on one side of face, but pale on another side. I cannot believe:  how could the kids have one side of their face red and another pale? I never noticed such phenomenon. My mother pointed one herb ingredient in her formula, and told me that one was the spirit and key herb in the formula.

Before the patients arrived, she wrote out another herbal formula and asked me to prepare. She said, once the disease started to spread, some would come to see the Chinese medicine, some would go to the hospital. The kids who eventually left the hospital would be pale and blue with purple tints in their small face, weak, dislike food, no willing to eat, scaring at night… Some of them would eventually came to the Chinese medicine. This formula was prepared for them.

When I prepared the second formula, the first group of sick kids came. To my great surprise, every kid had high fever with asthma, and one side of their face was red and another side was pale!  The numbers of the sick kids were so much that I became a pharmacological technician, busy to distribute the herbs. Pretty soon, the herbs were used up. I had to hurry up to prepare more herbs. At this time, the kids who had visited hospital now came to our clinic. They cried and cried, with pale faces. I started to distribute the second herb formula. After finished all the herbs, that spring went away. 

For the current Chinese medicine, they no longer work in the same way as my mother to treat series of patients. The current diseases, the infectious diseases, the Wenyi disease, all are the diseases that my mother must know and be able to perception before they come. In clinic work, my mother was almost a general in a war, knowing where is the main battle field, where is secondary field…  She not only treated patient individually, but also in groups, so to be able to control the overall trends of the disease. However, from so called scientific point of view, what is the logic and what is the reason for my mother to do so? Is this not  a way to “guess” disease? The current doctor works to consult each patient, one by one. They believe this is the way of science. My mother not only knew the trends of a disease, but also was able to predict a coming disease based on the person’s life style. She knew who will get what kind of disease, so to make the herbs ready to wait for them.

In autumn, my mother was ready for the herbs, the movement the patient came. When some patients asked why he or she got that disease, my mother said: “You is rich with good living condition and you prepared for the winter too early. You closed window, when it was only at October 1 and started the fire warming to the rooms so early…” The patient surprised: “how do you know this? It is true. We closed the windows very early last year.”

Chapter 2: Birth deliver in hospital

When see a patient, my mother could not only speak out the patient’s symptoms, but also his life style, diet habit and temple pattern. In addition, she again told the patient, if he refused to change his life style, to change emotion, but only depended on the medicine to maintain the previous life style, she would refuse to treat him. Nowadays, many people on one side to take lots medication, and on another side eat lots and drink lots, drink lots of liquor. All of these were hated by my mother. She thought that such life style is very harmful.

Many people came to my mother for help. Many of them respected her to a very high level, nearly to a superstition. However, when I was young, I myself didn’t have such wondering feeling to her. I respected and believed science. This was due to the influence from my father. He respected and believed science very much. My father was a fan of the science. He always paid attention to the advance of science, and felt exciting to that achievement. I was wondered by the picture that my father described to me, believing science could solve, without limitation, all problems in human life. If some problem had not been solved, it was only a problem of a time.

Western medicine is the super representative of science in the medical society. 

My father told me: before the development of Penicillin, there were lots of dead kids who were thrown away in the field in spring season. Their number was much more than the grass piles in the field. Now, look at the high increasing population, it is the results of the protection of the western medicine. Before, a man worried more about the “before the car and behind the horse” and a woman worried more about “before the birth delivery and after the delivery”.  Now, the western medicine solved this problem faster and more effective than the Traditional Chinese Medicine. I agreed with my father.


I had a friend. She told me her experience in Australia to give a birth deliver.  Her story made me stunned and I felt that the baby delivery was not at all a natural course, but a high science technique to launch an air craft to Mars.  She first described the exam before the delivery. I said: “Well, you cannot escape from surgical operation there.” 

She said: “Yes, but they said the surgery IS needed.”

The western medicine doctor also consider your human need, so they only cut the skin on your lower abdomen and the cutting is a curving shape, not a linear shape, so that you could still wear the Bikini later. She said: the room temperature in the operation room was very low so to reduce the chance for a bacteria infection. And she was given a cold water shower.

I said: “Well, you must have a fever then.”

She said: “But they said this is also a NEEDED procedure.”

Her answer makes me complain incessantly. Who said that a baby delivery must have a fever to follow? The doctors give her an intravenous infusion before she has a fever, so to prevent any possible fever that may cause death.

After listening to her about the way to use the medication and the diet, I said: “My God, you must have no any breast milk.”

She said: “They said, this is also NORMAL.”

Thanks for the facility in the western medicine in which everything has been considered, so it is not a big problem to feed a baby. If the mother has no breast milk, there is milk formula for the baby. I told her, she indeed enjoyed the scientific technology serves of western medicine. However, she did not get any benefit beside so many non-necessary “treatments”.  I believe and respect science, however I haven’t come to the extent to enjoy the high science technology, so to hand myself, by my own willingness, to a doctor to “manage.”


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