Chronis sinus problem  

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Chronic sinus problem


We are very surprised to find that there are so many people in the North America (Canada) suffering from chronic sinus problem. Person with this problem suffers from frequent running nose. For some, the running nose runs out of nostril, but others may have it running backwards to the throat. They feel block or puffy or plug in the nose that could affect their breath or even snooze or dry mouth. For a long run, they feel headache, dizziness, poor memory or hard to focus on mental works.

Doctors in the conventional medicine may call it chronic sinusitis or allergic sinusitis and giving antibiotic to their patients. It may work for a movement but after years, it is found that the problem is still there and it became harder and harder to solve. It seems that it is a no-cure problem.

To the Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), most of such patients belong to a kind of TCM disorder called Yang Qi depletion. There could be many reasons to cause it but the result is that there no enough Yang Qi in the nose to warm, to evaporate the cold there. The Yang Qi to our body is as the sunshine to the life in the earth (Chinese medicine percept, understand and explain the body structure and function relationship exactly as we percept, understand and explain the nature.) The Yang Qi works in our body to warm every part of the body, to stimulate and maintain every function of our body, from blood circulation, breath, water and nutrition metabolism, hormone secretion, signal transduction, bowel movement, urine secretion… Where there is less Yang Qi supply, there will be trouble. In nowadays, nine out of ten patients belong to the Yang depletion so that we say that the disease spectrum is already much different from more than 50 or 100 years ago, as well as the quality of the food we eat every day, the water we drink and the air we breath.

Understand this, you will realize why a good TCM doctor will not give you any chemical anti-biotic, or some herbs that suppose to have anti-biotic effect. Rather, they will use herbs that suppose to support Yang Qi supplication to your nose. By this way, the problem is improved not only in a short time, but for a long time. We have so many patients who come to us and get much better now. If you want to stop your sinus problem, we recommend you go to a TCM doctor close to you.