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Quit smoking


Everyone has stress, more or less, during the whole life. Smoking is one of the ways that a person uses to conquer the stress. Other ways to solve the stress, whether it works or not, include eating (craving for chocolate, for instance), drinking alcohol, going for shopping, for traveling, visiting friends, chatting, playing games, participating club. All suggest that a person is in a uncertainty of his life condition and feels somehow “empty” in the emotion, so that he/she needs something to “fill up” the empty.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM, including acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy) is good at to help to quit smoking and other emotional disorders since it works on the emotional level for the person. With acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy, one feels more calm, more patience and less irritable to the same level of stressful stimulation. Together with clear the inflammation on the respiratory system, one becomes more sensitive to the odor of the smoke and feels discomfort to the smoke as one felt it when he/she first started smoke. Therefore, the successful rate to quit smoke is pretty high.

Typically, one could reduce the number of cigarette smoke (more than 20 cigarettes per day) to half after one treatment. It is down to one quarter number after second treatment. It needs about 3 to 5 times of treatments to completely stop the smoking. This is true for most patients.

For quit smoking, you do not need to force yourself to restrict the smoking. Everything will happen naturally – you will feel no more desire to smoke – even dislike the smoke odor from now. However, we should point out that, help from the TCM is one side, and stop stressful environment is another thing required. The success rate is affected if you can not stop the terrible stressful work or personal conflict or something similar. We mean high success with TCM treatment but it does not mean that a TCM doctor could be a God to do anything.

Try the acupuncture and you will know it. So or later during your life, you should have a experience how acupuncture works for you.