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<<Yi Zong Jin Jian>>  Chapter 15


Conditions indicating sweat therapy

01  夫以为疾病至急,仓卒寻按,要者难得,故重集诸可与、不可方治,比之三阴三阳篇中,此易见也。又时有不止是三阴三阳,出在诸可与不可中也。

In clinic, a disease can be very urgent and severe, urgent diagnosis does not allow the doctor to make a correct decision to use or not to use a sweat therapy. There the author collects the conditions for or against the use of sweat therapy. To make it easier to find the conditions among the three Yin and three Yang stages. In clinic, there are also conditions in which it doesn’t matter too much whether the sweat therapy is used or not.

02  大法,春夏宜发汗。

Principle: in spring and summer, sweat therapy can be used. [1]

03 凡发汗,欲令手足俱周时出,以傃偩萂,一时间许,亦佳,不可令如水淋漓。若病不解,当重发汗,汗多者必亡阳,阳虚不得重发汗也。

A proper sweat therapy is to let the person have mild sweat in hands, feet and in whole body. It is wrong to create a heavy sweat. If the disease is not solved with one time of such proper sweat, the sweat therapy can be repeated. However, too much sweat may deplete the body Yangqi. It is forbidden to use the sweat therapy in person with Yangqi deficiency.  

04  凡服汤发汗,中病即止,不必尽剂也。

Whenever use a herb tea to create the sweat therapy, stop to drink the tea if the person has already had a proper sweat. No need to finish all herbal tea.

05 凡云可发汗,无汤者,丸散亦可用,要以汗出为解。然不如汤,随证良验。

Whenever it is indicated to use a sweat therapy, it means to drink the herbal tea. If there is no liquid tea, herbal pills or powder can also be used, however, the pill or powder form of herbs does not work as well as the herbal tea. This is a repeated experience.

06 夫病脉浮大,问病者,言但便硬耳,设利者为大逆,硬为实,汗出而解,何以故?脉浮当以汗解。

If a person’s pulse is floating and big, and he tells he has hard stool, the use of bowel-cleansing therapy is wrong. In this case, the person should be given a sweat therapy to solve the Xieqi in the body surface layer that is indicated by the floating pulse. [2]

[1] In spring and summer, the Yangqi is rising. Sweat therapy helps the Yangqi to rise so it can be used.

[2] Also in a Jiexiong condition, the pulse is floating and the use of bowel-cleansing therapy is forbidden.