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<<Yi Zong Jin Jian>>  Chapter 15


Conditions allowing vomiting therapy

01  大法春宜吐

Spring is the best time for use of a vomiting therapy if the person’s condition allows and indicates the use of vomiting therapy.  [1]

02   凡用吐汤,中病便止,不必尽剂也。

When the symptoms stop after the application of a vomiting therapy, stop to drink remaining herbal tea. No need to drink all the herbal tea. Over use of the vomiting therapy may deplete Yangqi away.

03   病胸上诸实,胸中郁郁而痛,不能食,欲使人按之,而反有涎唾,下利日十馀行,其脉反迟,寸口脉惟滑,此可吐之,吐之利则止。

If the chest cavity is full of various Xieqi, such as Phlegm, Hot, Cold, Water, the person feels fullness and pain in the stomach and hard to eat. He may have a willingness to press his chest by other person but upon the press, he has lots of saliva in mouth, indicating the Xieqi is full in the chest and that is spilling when press. If the person has diarrhea several times a day, and his pulse is slow and smooth at the Chun position, it indicates a Fullness condition in the body, water in the body does not goes to the urine but to the colon to cause diarrhea. In this case, use vomiting therapy.  

04   病手足逆冷,脉乍结,以客气在胸中,心下满而烦,欲食不能食者,病在胸中,当吐之。(瓜蒂散主之). 

If the person has Jue condition, and his pulse stops from time to time for a short period, it indicates he has Xieqi in the chest. He has fullness in the upper abdomen and feels annoyed/impatience; feels hungry but cannot eat. In this condition, use vomiting therapy.

05 宿食在上者,当吐之。

If the person has remaining/hosting food in the chest part of the body, he will feel pain in the chest/diagram level and feels vomiting when feels pain. In this condition, use vomiting therapy, not bowel-cleansing therapy.



Conditions against the use of vomiting therapy


Check the contents for clinic conditions of the six stages.

[1] In nature, the spring Qi is to rise. So, vomiting therapy matches the nature Qi movement in the spring.