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Chapter 18, Abscess, and ulcer


If the pulse is floating and frequent, the person should have fever. If he however has mild chilly and has pain, he will have abscess in the body.


Master: to know whether there is pus or not, in an swelling mass, just press a hand on the mass, if the hand feels hot, it indicates a pus; if no hot feeling, there is no pus in the abscess.


If the person has abscess in intestine, the person will have dry skin as a fish scales, has spasm in the skin of the abdomen. The abdomen feels as swelling and puffy but soft when pressed. No clear mass can be touch in the abdomen, and the body has no fever but the pulse is frequent. All conditions indicate the presence of an abscess in the abdomen. Use Yiyi Fuzi Baijiang San.


Yiyi Fuzi Baijiang San


Yiyiren 10 parts, Fuzi 2 parts, and Baijiangcao 5 parts.


Grind the herbs into powder. Mix them well. Take 2 gram of the mixture, mix it with 500 ml water. Bring to boil until the water is about 250 ml. Drink all the herbal tea once.


With abscess in the intestine, the lower stomach is swelling and puffy. It feels pain when press. The urine feels pain as there is stone in the urine. The person has fever from time to time, has sweat, then chilly. If his pulse is late and tight, indicating the pus is not ready yet, use bowel-cleansing therapy. If his pulse is big and frequent, indicating the pus is mature, use Dahuang Mudanpi Tang.


Dahuang Mudanpi Tang.

四两,牡丹  一两,桃仁  五十个,芒硝  三合,瓜子  半升

Dahuang 60 gram, Mudanpi 15 gram, Taoren 50 badges, Mangxiao 60 gram, Guazi 125 gram.


Add the herbs (except Mangxiao) and 1500 ml water into a herbal pot. Bring to boil and keep in mild boiling until there is 250 ml left. Remove the residue, add the Mangxiao in. Continue to boiling for 5 min. Drink all the herbal tea once. If there is pus, the pus will be removed in the stool. If there is no pus in the abscess, there will be blood in the stool.


If the person has skin ulcer due to sharp cut, such as knife, ax, etc. use Wangbuliuxing San


Wangbuliuxing San


Wangbuliuxing, Nijueye, Sangdongnange,, Gancao, Chuanjiao, Huangqin, Ganjiang, Shaoyao, Houpo.


Prepare the herbs into powder. Apply to the wound.


For chronic skin ulcer with lots of secretion, if it develops from the mouth to the limbs, it can be treated; if it develops from the limbs to the mouth, it is hard to treat.


For the treatment of the chronic skin ulcer, use Huanglian Fen.


(the formula for the Huanglian Fen is missing).